Many ladies do not just wonder how you can guarantee to get rid of hair in an intimate place. Whichever method has been elected for this purpose, you should know that during the procedure needs a special approach.

Since the sex-zone rich in nerve endings, and the skin there is particularly delicate and highly sensitive, the usual hair removal methods can not be used here.
Clippers – depilatory

All about epilation bikini

One method of hair removal that is considered safe and secure, is to use a machine-depilatory. With electrodepilator possible goodbye to unwanted hair for almost a month. And only significant disadvantage of this method is the feeling of intense pain during the procedure. For this reason, use the epilator is not recommended to ladies having hard hairs with thickened structure.

Those to whom this method is suitable, you can cheat a little bit. So, to reduce pain sensations, shortly before the start of the procedure, it is necessary to hold the skin steaming, and then you can start the actual process. At the same time plucking hairs should be carried out against their growth, with a light skin tension. Epilator should choose one that is not afraid to use in water. Due to the aquatic environment with skin nerve endings, relax, reducing the pain at times. Those hairs that were not captured by the machine must be removed with tweezers. After the procedure, the skin should be disinfected. Ample linen dress is recommended no earlier than an hour.
Hair removal with sex-area laser

laser is considered the painless removal from all known methods. During the procedure, the client’s feelings are limited to legim tingling. The result after the laser is maintained for a sufficiently long period of time, and some of the procedures performed can lead to the disappearance of the hair permanently. Laser hair removal can be practiced at home, using a portable laser epilators. The only drawback here is only the height of the unit price
Hair removal waxing

Waxing – a procedure in which getting rid of hair is made with wax. It is used for this type of hair removal in cold, warm or hot. To remove hair in the area of sex-best to take strong enough heated wax, as under the influence of high temperatures there is an opening of the skin pores, which contributes to easier hair pulling, but also reduce pain.

The procedure consists in heating the wax and applying it to the skin. After a few minutes, wax strips, already slightly cooled, should detach from the skin, holding it with the fingertips. The smoothness of the skin after such a procedure lasts up to a month. From wax residues at the end of the procedure, can be eliminated by rubbing the skin swab moistened with vegetable oil.

Here’s what you should know before the next waxing bikini


All about epilation bikini

Natural vegetation is returned. Yes, your confidence hippie mom, the more hair the better, again gaining popularity. Good news: you will not hurt so much when you come once again to do hair removal. Before you sign up (or cancel) your trip to the salon, read our recommendations in this regard. We can not promise that you will not be hurt, but at least you will not be embarrassed when you are asked to turn over.

Styles hair removal bikini zone:

Brazilian hippies. Yes, yes, hippies are excited about the new fashion trends in hair removal bikini. It is a mixture of Brazilian and bikini. All the hair is removed from the buttocks and labia, but the vegetation on the pubic hair is left intact.

Brazilian hair removal. You will be absolutely smooth, like a newborn baby, suffer after this procedure. You will remove all the hair: and the pubis, and the labia minora, and buttocks.

Bikini – classic version of hair removal bikini. In this case, removed all the hair that go beyond the line of your underwear. Pubic hair in the form already become traditional triangle. Do not hesitate to ask for a hair grooming pubic hair. This will give greater accuracy. This option is perfect for hair removal amateur swimsuits with high waist or those who do waxing for the first time.

Runway strip. This hair removal option for gay and creative women who like unusual shapes (eg, heart to shave the pubic at). In this type of hair removal is still in Brazil, but the pubic hair is left slightly, forming a pattern you selected. More often than not leave a single bar. This fact gave the name to this type of hair removal bikini.

Types of waxing:

Honey or sugar hair removal. If you are a supporter of organic means to care for themselves, in the salons can offer you not make an exception for hair removal. Also, this type of hair removal is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Recipes, on which the honey or sugar hair removal now, based on the ancient rituals of hair removal. The mixture for hair removal consists of honey, sugar, lemon juice or water, which is heated to a syrupy state (you can find recipes for self-production of such a mixture). Since only the organic components present in the composition, and the effect this type of hair removal on the skin more softly. Another important advantage is its ability to use this mixture in the cold, which guarantees the absence of burns. This recipe is also in no way affects the skin only on the hair. Thus, you will get a minimum of discomfort.

The solid wax. This wax is applied on the surface, having a large amount of hair. Wax removed without the use of fabric. The operating principle is simple. The wax is applied to the hot surface of the body. When it cools, it adheres to the hair very tightly. Now you can remove the wax, and with it removed, and the hair. Try this method if you grow thick and dense hair on underwear line or in the armpits. This type of hair removal a bit more painful and is widely used in beauty salons.


Wax strips. Soft wax – the most common remedy for hair removal. The product is applied to the selected area with a cloth. Then sharp movement of the piece of cloth torn from the surface of the body, along with him are removed and the hair. This method is quite common, it is fast, although quite painful. Perfect for home use. Ideal for large areas of the body such as hands and feet.


Girl, which contains his own body in a manner certainly interested in how to perform hair removal bikini. This question concerns not only the health, but also the aesthetic side. Girls who adhere to “naturalness”, say, eliminating the barrier of the hair, there is a risk that affects poor health. However, their opponentki on this issue put forward exactly the opposite statement: hair in the intimate zone is the environment in which develops a variety of microbes. Even the views of doctors and gynecologists at the expense of very different. Accordingly, whether or not to carry out hair removal in delicate zone, or not, the woman should decide.
Methods of hair removal bikini

Methods of hair removal bikini


This method is considered the most popular of Statistics. The reason is simple and fast method, with which you can remove hair. The only negative – the result is not long. After a couple of days hairs appear again, and with them, and pruritus.

Cream for hair removal

Cream is the most ideal tool to help eliminate annoying vegetation quickly. But in this case it needs to be very careful, because the intimate area quite sensitive and may appear in the form of allergic rashes.


This method is performed using a sugar paste. The procedure itself is not complicated in itself. It can perform the most at home, and she made the paste for fifteen or twenty minutes.


This method is considered to be an alternative to Shugaring. It has both positive and negative properties. To make depilation using wax requires warm wax. The result typically is two or three weeks. If you regularly apply wax, hair begins to dwindle over time, become soft, and they slowed down the growth process. But such a method, there are negative – with him anymore hassle than depilation using sugar.


Previously, the appliance was considered the only available instrument, which helped to remove hair in the bikini area. However, times are changeable. Today there are other varieties of hair removal and does not need every time to endure excruciating pain. But there are women who continue to use the appliance, removing the hair in the pubic area. Maybe it’s just a habit, as the appliance is always at hand.


This device is not completely removes unwanted vegetation. But if you want to cut your hair in the intimate zone under a certain length, or perform an unusual hairstyle, then this device will cope with this kind of work better than other devices.

What kind of hair removal bikini suits, the girl must choose yourself. Someone like cream for hair removal, someone prefers to wax and sugar waxing. In any case, to the effect remained as long as possible, it is necessary after any procedure to apply a special cream. It slows the growth of hair and after the hair removal is performed much less often.


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