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The hair that grows in the pubic area and around the genitals, although considered natural, but they need to be corrected, as in the underarm area and legs. In terms of aesthetics groomed intimate area looks much nicer than in a state of neglect. For many young girls intimate haircut – this is not new. They regularly remove unwanted hair in the groin, or give them an unusual shape.

Pubic Hair performed at home quite easily as it might seem at first glance. But those girls who are taken for a haircut for the first time, have a little patience, because the first time conceived the result can not be obtained. Experience comes after a certain period of time, respectively, it is desirable to start with the most common intimate haircuts.

How did haircut in the area of bikini?

Ever since the ancient time, the naked body of a woman was held in high esteem, so put it on public display was considered shameful.

In eastern countries still believed in those days that a woman’s body to make it look beautiful, it must have had the skin without a single hair. It was necessary not only for health, but also for sensory procedures.

But in ancient Rome, the situation was quite different – it was forbidden to show the bikini area, possibly due to the fact that the intimate haircut was not required.

Design and mowing near the pubic area as a direction appeared in the West in the sixties of the last century, when there was a sexual revolution.

In those years began to open clubs for nudists, bathing suits produced the most outspoken, so it was decided to make an intimate haircut.

From the outset, they were carried out using ordinary tools: razor and scissors. Whatever instruments may be convenient, but it turned out not very practical: the hair in the intimate zone quickly grow, there were cuts and minor injuries that eventually caused an allergic rash.

Now everything is much easier. Each professional masters have their own salon, which is done such a haircut. Also, each master has some secrets to help customers overcome the discomfort of the procedure.

The most popular modern intimate haircut

The most popular modern intimate haircut

New Moon. This hairstyle is simple. It can be done alone at home, without resorting to the help of experts.

The symbol of New York City. This hairstyle looks like a burning torch. It can be supplemented with a variety of paint and decorations.

Brazilian haircut. This kind of intimate haircut involves the removal of hair in the lateral parts of the pubic area, buttocks, and in the upper area of the labia.

Sonata. Picture two-part. It consists of a “yin-yang” and point. To accomplish this hairstyle requires experience, as it is done hard enough.

Heart. This intimate haircut is considered to be the most popular, because women use it more often than others.

Droplet. And such a haircut is considered to be a very simple process.


There are many techniques and tricks that help the beautiful half of the population is becoming more beautiful and sexier. For them, it is important to always look perfect, starting from the head, and ending with his toes. Modern intimate haircut – this is primarily hygiene bikini, plus the ability to make this place a beautiful image. Haircuts in an intimate place began to gain popularity in the last century, when there was a sexual revolution. Do not think that if a woman does this kind of haircut, then it’s gone. Similar care is needed, that the girl was completely satisfied with his own naked body and could please the pit.
Items that need to intimate haircut

In order to perform the intimate haircut, you need these items:

  • Machine for shaving.
  • Tweezers.
  • Wax.
  • Small scissors.
  • The contour of the eyebrow.
  • Mirror.
  • Comb.

Girls who cut their long been such a hairstyle, it is advised for the first time do not use the clipper. It is necessary to begin to apply the ordinary razor. By acquiring experience over time, you can make ornaments and figures more complex and apply for this wax and shaving machine.

Modern intimate hairstyles

Modern intimate hairstyles: tips

Mowing in the bikini area – a procedure that is primarily concerned with hygiene genitals. Therefore it is necessary before the procedure, a good wash or take a shower. Lukewarm water helps the hairs become softer, thus reducing the pain and irritation.

Before the beginning of an intimate hairstyle you need to make the hairs the same length (about three millimeters). Applying contour eyebrow pencil, you need to draw ornament border. In this case, you can still use a special, pre-prepared template.

When performing an intimate picture you want to remove excess hair, for example, with the help of the cream. Stylists are not advised for the first time to use the wax, because the skin in the bikini area is very sensitive and delicate, it may be an allergic rash.

If the picture will not smooth, it can be corrected with tweezers, removing excess hair.

After the procedure is better to treat the place with a cream or lotion from irritation.

Highlights intimate haircut

  • «Month”. This figure is considered to be the most popular. It symbolizes the innocence of the girl and her readiness for intimacy. This haircut is done easily, so it can make any girl at home.
  • «A drop” and “Heart”. These erotic images make those girls who are committed and are ready for any experiments in bed.
  • «Hollywood.” This hairstyle involves the removal of all hair in the bikini area.
  • «tulip». A simple and very interesting picture.

There are other modern intimate hairstyles. For example, the symbol of New York ( “Torch”), which comes from the clitoris. It can be represented by several shades simultaneously. Or “Sonata” ( “Yin-Yang”).

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