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Beautiful makeup, fashionable clothes it’s all good and it is important for a woman, but also do not forget about the hair. Is it possible to ignore the hair for at least one day, of course not. Yes, now with the hair that just do not, curl, straighten, twist on the curlers, create incredibly beautiful hair, repainted in different colors. But to give the hairstyle charm, charisma, sophistication can only fashion accessories, which will be discussed in this article.


Bandages and stylish rims

Fabric, elastic bandage charmed by its simplicity is not a girl. The reason for this popularity lies in the versatility and possibilities of combination of bandages it with almost any fashion style of clothes in. At the peak is now silk black and dark – blue armbands who charming look on smooth, straight hair.

Combinations of bright colors are not left behind the fashion hit – parade. Welcomed the Arab and Indian style. Usually, if designers sew a dress, they are specifically allowed to bleed the fabric to create clips or adhesive qualities to her hoop.

Also, designers are advised to tie a bright cloth over the forehead or the original tie bandage on his head.

Plastic bezel. Thin, elegant trick will not only collect the unruly hair, but also to give zest to your hair, beautifully debauched her shoulders.

Beautiful wrap in bright colors. It may appear different fabric textures, patterns. Also relevant beads, chains, crystals and other fine jewelry items. Fashionable patterns of large flowers: poppies, peonies, roses, cornflowers.

Actual hoop, where the pattern appears Spit.

Delicious and juicy fruits and plants.

Another muse, visit now fashion designers is bright, colorful flora.

Vying fashion houses offer as hair decorated with flowers, plants and berries.

Flowers woven in her hair looks very lively. The most beautiful flower headbands.

Elegant look fresh flowers or a flower, stuck on the side of the ear, as well as a combination of scented wild flowers woven into a braid or a long tail.

Ribbons and bows.

What may look romantic and innocent cute bow or colorful ribbons.

Bows are now present everywhere – dresses, blouses, belts on trousers, accessories to handbags, garters on sandals, so why not wear a bow on her head. No, not like a schoolgirl, and like a true lady.

The ribbons can be tied at the tail, tie a bow on her head, woven into braids. The mass of options, is just the beginning, the ideas begin to fall one by one.


Turbans on their heads and bright shawls

This trend spring – summer period, the monkeys will definitely come to the liking of those women who love Indian coloring and prefers feminine light, flowing scarves.

Huge chiffon scarves can cover the head completely, leaving only a bang. The new collections are the original scarves, with rainbow print and a large bow on the side, which will be to the liking of fashionable women.

Again, pay attention to the Arab turban and Indian motifs.

Golden hair ornaments

Another design innovation is replenished casket with hair accessories. Associating these clips with the Greek goddesses. More frequent brooches, hair clips and hoops, decorated with gilded flowers. Also, there are twin crab and invisible hair, made in gold.

Designers believe that such luxury will look great on curly hair brown shades.


Tiny Clip

In the ranking of fashion hairpins again replenishment, in the form of small pins, which colored stones are located at the tips, bulavochek, bizarre, and other trinkets. Despite their small size, barrettes to hold fast to the hair and fixed her hair.

Selecting pins and other hair accessories is huge, it’s just for fashionistas that her liking, and in what way it wants to present the current hot summer. Dare.

How nice stab hair crab


Modern woman simply must have on hand a variety of hairpins, shpilechki and crab. Especially if it is the owner of luxurious hair and wants in any situation look stylish. This article will explain how nice stab hair crabs, so they did not look unkempt, does not interfere with its owner and made its possessor more beautiful ..


How nice stab hair crab?

There are many ways crabs use to secure the hair. All thanks to the fact that the sizes and types of pins have a large number of data. For example, women with light hair are ideal thin plastic crabs, do not damage the structure of hair. Owners can choose curly curls medium barrettes. The horizontal crab allow to collect beautiful hair in a bun, and will keep them in this form, and bright with decorations or colored stripes, Clip suit everyone without exception.

With the crab you can make a hairstyle in absolutely any style – business and classic, simple, everyday, give them free or sloppy appearance. Here are just a few ways:

Option 1 – everyday

Take an ordinary comb and some trim unusual crab. Separate hair into two equal parts so that one half is on the left, and the other – on the right side of the head, while not touched both ears. Then take the two parts, bind them into a single node, collect stray strands. Fasten the resulting assembly crabs. That’s it – your hair ready. You can sprinkle it with lacquer and decorate with bright invisible or small hairpins, if desired.

Option 2 – festive

If you have planned to march on secular reception, someone else’s or your own wedding, a festival, collect her beautiful hair as follows: lightly nacheshite their comb. Then perekin’te strands on one side and fix them invisible. On the other hand the hair, after smoothing them, hold your fingers and twist into a roll. Secure the pins. Go to bang. Comb it and zacheshite them to one side. Spray paint hair. Again, looking at our article about how nice stab hair, dry hair dryer and, starting from the top of the head, carefully pull the hair back on the sides. Once again, use a varnish. Behind fix hair bright crab, it will give your hair a unique charm and a special festive look.

Now you know how beautiful stab hair crabs and do with luxury hairstyle. Be beautiful!

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