Procedures for the creation of hair at the roots extra splendor becoming increasingly discussed. The most famous was the technology of hair volume boost up, created by Russian stylists. This hairdressing innovation is causing a lot of questions, because it is a pleasure expensive, and owners of fine or thin hair is sometimes scary to change something because no successful attempt to experiment with fashionable styling and haircuts. Before you go to the salon should be good to assess what benefits boost up in case more – good or negative.

Why boost up praise?

ALL ABOUT PROCEDURES Buust upThe positive effect of this procedure is that the hair at the roots actually gain extra fluffiness, which is impossible to miss. And this is different stacking resistance – it can hold for a period of 3-6 months. And that no matter what the weather conditions, the volume of hair is not afraid of no rain, no snow, not a hindrance, even a long wearing a hat. Create volume at home is quite simple at the roots of the hair – the hair after washing and thoroughly dried with a hairdryer to comb filling volume.

The positive results of the boost up can be attributed to the fact that the pomp looks quite natural (except for the first days of creation). The procedure is based on the local biozavivka hair at the roots. Only in this case, there is one very important point – applied to the hair clips and other auxiliary compounds that do not contain ammonia, they do not have any negative chemical element. Conversely, the means used are composed of propolis, which helps to prevent skin irritation.

Pros boost up in the fact that over time, when the hair is growing back, the transition from corrugated (ie, those that have been biozavivka) to direct strands sharply visible. The volume is gradually becoming less lush, laterally not be puffed hang stranded hair. Another positive point – after the hair at the roots of the process are dried and then have to wash them less frequently. Moreover, the very structure of the hair is restored.

Who does not recommend such a procedure?

Negative sides in technology boost up a little:

  • in every village you can find a master who has sufficient knowledge to give volume to hair using this technology;
  • quite expensive this procedure;
  • the specialist will have to spend at least 5 hours, and even more;
  • if the amount does not like or it does not suit you, you have to wait a few months, when the splendor of decline.

Poor also that barbers do not always agree to carry out this procedure. Failures to motivate inappropriate type of hair or bad their condition. It is not advisable to do basal biozavivka those with hair bleached or artificially straightened. Do not boost up for short hair (the optimal length – from the shoulders and below). Do not work with this procedure can be strong and dry hair, their fragility. It should refrain from creating volume at the roots during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You need to weigh all the pros and cons, and decide – to make the amount of hair or not.

Make yourself at home boost up

Despite the gorgeous effect, boost up the technology may not be possible for some women due to expensive cost. But there is an option – you can do it yourself without resorting to specialists. It is also just as quick to get rid of double chin. Let’s look at how to boost up your own at home.

Make yourself at home boost up


To perform the procedure, we need to boost up:

  • hairpins, combs, hair dryers;
  • foil;
  • special composition for biozavivki;
  • tune (session lasts for a long time).


Begin to make the root volume boost up.

Preparatory process

No unusual activity can not be required to perform, only to make a recommendation that boost up recommended on unwashed hair.

Hair curling

It is a long procedure, it takes a few hours. It is necessary to wind each strand on the pin so as not to affect the roots (we only deal with the root domain) and the tips of the hair.

Screw must be about 7-14 cm long tresses. Then, each stranded strand to fix with foil.

Application of special composition

Application of special compositionNext, you need to treat twisted strands with a special compound. The author herself boost up procedures recommend the use of the brand Paul Mitchell, they are commercially available. There are two types of funds: Paul Mitchell Acid Wave and Paul Mitchell Alkaline Wave. The first product is for use on liquid and dry hair, and the second should be chosen to owners of unruly and coarse hair.

Product for biozavivki should be applied very precisely and only to the portion of the fragment, which curled over the studs, not touching the roots and skin. Hold for a long time, the composition should not be on his head, enough five minutes.

The washing up

It is necessary to release the locks of hair from the foil and studs, this procedure can be uncomfortable and even painful to deliver effects.

Then you need a good wash hair. If you purchased a Paul Mitchell product, you will see a special shampoo and conditioner to wash it. If you use any other part of, you can wash your hair with shampoo and other desirable choose without sulfates.


Curls are not simply blow dry, they should be put right. Drying should be so well received curls smoothed, and the wrinkles will remain and “ripple”, that does not look very good.

All, boost up a simple enough procedure, and in the presence of certain skills and, of course, special preparations it is quite possible to carry out at home on their own.

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