Dry hair – it is not a type, but rather a condition of your hair, the degree of damage and the health indicator. Experts have identified six factors that negatively affect the health of your hair and makes it dry and lifeless.


  1. Hair Enemy weather. In the summer of hurt too much ultraviolet light, bathing in chlorinated and salt water, a lot of alcohol on the beach. They cause hair dehydration. And in the winter dry hair contributes to lowering the temperature, then the temperature contrast in the transition from the street into a warm room. The solution is simple: summer and winter switch to more intensive moisturizer for hair care.
  2. Abuse of procedures salon alignment. Undoubtedly, the visual effect of hair aligning wonderful. Your hairstyle is accurate, smooth hair, smooth, obedient. But with regular alignment, the hair becomes brittle, thin and dry.
  3. Hormonal changes. Pregnancy, delivery, and any other physiological changes in the body may adversely affect the hair, including entail their brittleness and dryness. In such cases, the choice of ways of hair treatment, experts recommend is required to consult with your doctor.
  4. Wrong selected agents for hair care also play a role in drying. Better a few times to rinse hair after washing the usual clean water, you use the air conditioner or mask, which clearly does not suit you.
  5. Combing the hair immediately after washing – this is the fifth factor influencing the appearance of dryness. Combing wet hair is very easy to break. Comb better after the towel will absorb most of the moisture. Previously on the comb should apply leave-in conditioner or oil.
  6. A well-known fact that the daily routines with a hair dryer, curling irons, or not at all for the benefit of the hair. High temperature deprives moisture of hair and leading to dryness and damage. Refusing dryer or ironing – not an option. But do not abuse them. Before you begin the process of laying, apply on hair argan oil. It protects against dryness. Be sure to select one day per month for deep moisturizing hair. Apply to washed hair mask, wrap the head with a warm towel and leave for half an hour. The result will please you – your hair will be smooth, vibrant, silky.


CARE FOR DRY HAIREach winner of dry hair is well aware that such hair requires special treatment and very careful care. They constantly break down, whipped and generally look like a bundle of straw. But any woman wants to always look attractive. By following a few tips, dry hair can quickly regain a beautiful and healthy look.

Unfortunately, almost every person of any defect in their attempts to be attributed to heredity. But the reason for dry hair is not necessarily lies in the genes, there are other reasons for this condition. For example, it may be caused by incorrect and malnutrition, as well as due to continuous use of curling irons, hair dryer and ironing. In addition, hair may become brittle and lifeless after hormonal changes in the body or of frequent after staining. But each of these causes can be eliminated easily. The main time to figure out what caused the dryness of hair.

The easiest and most popular way to dry and brittle hair – is the oil of natural origin such as burdock or castor. This oil bought at the pharmacy or store in the cellar. And it even easier to use – either of a small amount of said oil is applied to the scalp. Further, the head is wrapped in cellophane, insulated with a handkerchief or towel and leave for 40 minutes. After time has passed, the head washed with shampoo designed for dry hair type.

To dry hair acquired vitality and easier to fit, it is recommended at least once a week to do the egg-honey mask. For its preparation will need: 1 egg yolk and a spoonful of honey, henna and cognac. All components are mixed thoroughly and applied to the entire length of hair. Leave for half an hour. Then the hair was washed with warm water.

It is important to wash your hair after any use of balms and conditioners that will moisturize and nourish dry hair. It is desirable to give up or to use only when absolutely necessary, a variety of equipment for drying and styling hair. It is also very important to monitor the water balance in the body. The amount of liquid drunk per day should be at least 2 liters. It is necessary to refuse from a variety of chemicals for hair styling, as they destroy the structure of the hair, after which they begin to further split and break.

Restore your hair natural shine, beauty and health by virtue of every woman. It is only necessary to have the desire and properly care for them.

Dry and damaged hair most in need of some care. Such a condition of hair can be due to various factors:

  • – The negative impact of the environment;
  • – Permanent staining, including discoloration;
  • – Exposure to chemical styling;
  • – Over-drying hair dryer and curling irons;
  • – Malnutrition and disruption of the water balance of the body;
  • – Smoking.

In order to neutralize the harmful effects and restore the health and beauty of hair, you should use special structures. And they do not have to be professional, you can make and own. Such agents are used once a week, thus recommend washing head with the same frequency.

mask for dry hair

Kefir mask for dry hair

Dairy products have long proved themselves as an excellent remedy for hair restoration. It is enough to put half a cup of yogurt or yogurt on your hair, and after thirty minutes, rinse with warm water. To improve the effect of the composition may be enriched by adding one or two spoonfuls of olive or castor oil or lemon juice. This mixture not only moisturizes and restores hair structure, but also has beneficial effects on the roots, nourishing the scalp.

Mask with castor oil

in addition to oil production of this tool will need calendula tincture (available at any pharmacy). Mix both components in equal proportions, then carefully applied to the scalp and hair, following to the mass was evenly distributed over the entire length, and incubate for 30 minutes.

Egg yolk to help dry hair

Effectively coping with dry and damaged hair brittle. The yolk of one egg is applied on the hair root to tip, after half an hour rinse with water or herbal decoction, without using shampoo. You can augment the beneficial effect of adding honey, natural vegetable oils (for example olive oil, castor oil, almond oil or peach pits) or sour cream. There is another equally valid option: Mix egg yolk, a tablespoon of cream and 5-7 ml of tincture of ginseng until smooth. Ingredients to keep your hair for two hours, to increase the effect, wrap towel. The beneficial influence mask, comprising the following ingredients: egg yolk, brandy, honey and oil (olive or burdock) in the same amount. The best result means produce with the creation of a “sauna effect” by using caps and towels.

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