Tar birch – above all natural product, which undeservedly neglected. Of course, he has a rather unpleasant smell. But this imperfection is easily eliminated.

What is the use of tar

  • Reduces greasiness glands.
  • Getting rid of the fungus (dandruff).
  • Strengthens hair roots, reduce hair loss.
  • It provides hair growth stimulation.
  • Treats hair damaged areas.
  • Easier to comb.

Forms of birch tar release

In our time, the product is commercially available in several forms:

  1. Tar birch – concentrated.
  2. Tar soap – lumpy.
  3. Tar soap.

In pure form, the product is sold in a pharmacy. Apply it must be mixed 1: 1 with shampoo. Or cook homemade tar soap. To do this, grind baby soap without fragrances and flavors and add a birch tar. Then melt, and when the mass starts to cool down and fasten it is necessary to put it in a plastic or silicone molds. Or, to put into the film, giving the desired shape.

Lump and liquid versions of tar soaps are sold in shops and supermarkets. Have a cheaper price. Therefore, available to every segment of the population. Most importantly, they are ready for use.

Holding procedures

Before you start to make application to the hair roots, skin reaction should check for allergies. To do this means is applied to a small area of the skin and at the expiration of 10-13 minutes is determined by the presence or absence of allergies.

Preferably on hair roots and to cause the foam of the soap, avoiding touching of the hair piece. Since covered “film” then the surface of each hair. After treatment, the hair tar soap is a special smell that can fight off, washed his head with natural, herbal shampoo or rinse hair decoction of chamomile flowers or warm lemon water, with the expectation of 50ml of lemon juice to 1 liter of warm water.

With care it is necessary to use funds from birch tar in the presence of dry hair. Since there is a risk of further dry up the tips.

Do not be afraid of hair condition after the first application. Because hair accustomed to shampoos with additives and chemicals first experiencing a slight shock. But it will pass after a few treatments.

Do not wash your hair every day with tar using tar funds. Better to do it 2-3 times a week to prevent dryness of the scalp.

To have smart hair is quite real. And it does not need to buy expensive, stuffed with chemistry masks and balms. When there is a handy, simple and inexpensive, the correct remedy.


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