Winter – it’s a wonderful time, as it is at this time faces many happy holidays, rest on a hill. But winter – it is also a cold, which is not very pleasant for our hair. And the question immediately arises: how to protect your hair from the cold and give them all the necessary vitamins, so they are strong and silky.

In winter, do not easily provide the body with vitamins and hair, as used lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and masks and conditioners with natural herbs used for hair. In winter, the hair have to endure a lot. From changes in temperature (cold outside the room dry warm air) and electrified hair whipped, become brittle. And you need to remember about the fact that the health of the hair influenced by stress, hair dryers, hair color.

Despite all these factors, you need to take care of their hair and do not give them “sick.” We should not forget that the hair can be of different types and each type requires its own approach.

Types of Hair and care for them

Dry hair. For this type of hair is necessary to use different types of masks from palm oil, or from boiled potatoes and sour cream. The mask is applied to the hair, paying more attention to the roots. After mask wash your hair with regular shampoo.

Greasy hair. To reduce the fat glands, with this type of hair can not be washed under hot water, and preferably using water at a temperature slightly above room temperature. You also need to apply a mask of raw potatoes with eggs and honey.

Mixed hair. Oddly enough, but it is such type of hair is more difficult to move the winter. The ends are made dry, and the roots on the contrary, faster zhirneyut. To this was less need to use shampoos, conditioners, for both dry and oily hair.

Useful and simple tips to strengthen the hair in the winter

The simplest strengthens hair mask made from carrots and tea. Applied to the head on 30 minutes after washed the mask, wash hair with shampoo. In addition to masks, hair massages are very useful. Simply massage the head lightly. This increases blood circulation, which is useful for the roots.

We all know that hair is very electrostatically charged during the winter. To avoid this, do not use a comb made of plastic, it is better to buy a wooden brush. Another possible after shampooing use lavender oil, which is applied to the teeth of a comb. It is enough a few drops.


FEATURES WINTER HAIR CAREThe summer passed and now, apparently, the threat of dryness and burning hair over. But do not get to relax, as research specialists, the winter is even more insidious and sometimes gentle for hair and skin. Therefore, in this period, more than ever, you need to arm themselves with nutritious masks, limit the use of hair dryer and ironing leveling, as well as massage heads more frequently. And this is not the full list of necessary procedures. Thanks to the list of tips prepared by specialists in hair care products, can be difficult to keep them from the weather, but also to restore curls to spring.

The main problem during the cold period is the excessive dryness of hair. This occurs due to the sudden change in temperature, at the time of leaving home or work on the street. Also due to frequent operation in this period, and the equalizer dryer for hair, which tend to overdry hair. Therefore, in this period, it is advisable to limit the use of this technique. From the dryer, of course, refuse not to turn out in the cold period. Yet, it would be better not finally dried hair to the end and give them at least sometimes to dry naturally. In addition, it is necessary to choose the right tools for hair care.

For a start it is recommended to replace the usual shampoo and conditioner to moisturizer. And this advice is required, even for those who think that their hair is all right and the extra care they need. Further, once a week is necessary to use shampoo to clean the hair and scalp. After these procedures the skin and hair, first begin to breathe, and secondly, it is easier and more efficient will be perceived means for care curls. Masks for better assimilation of them must be applied when the effect of the steam, that is, in the shower or bath. A better wash with cold water, then the hair will also give life become more brilliant. Also in the winter should not forget about the means to split ends.

In addition to masks purchased, you can also use and home. Suffice it to hook or head to put on hair olive oil and a few procedures such effect will be noticeable. More to olive oil, you can add the pulp of avocado and egg. This mask will be more nutritious. And olive oil can sometimes alternated with castor.

If your hair is exposed to staining, it is desirable to carry out this procedure less frequently, as the paint will aggravate dry hair in winter. To winter hair is not electrified because of the headgear before going out of their need to sprinkle a little varnish. And that hair is not pushilis and become more obedient, it is necessary to wash your hair smoothing shampoo.


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