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Each representative of the fairer sex enjoys spending changes in appearance. And the easiest way to do this – is certainly a change of hair color. Dark-haired woman, for the sake of the experiment or, more generally, for the new image, lighten hair. A blond – on the contrary, are painted in a dark color.

And in order to become a blonde, it is necessary to use various means – chemical and natural. By natural means for clarification are known to many, broth chamomile, honey, lemon juice, broth onion peel. All of them, of course, useful, and do not harm the hair, but when applied to the desired lightening effect shades happens in a fast time. Historians fashion believe that even in ancient times, women want to get blonde hair. And for this purpose they have long held to their heads slurry mixtures of herbs, as well as several hours of sitting in the sun to lighten hair.

For lightening hair or highlights head womenAnd among the chemicals most popular means it is by far the hydrogen peroxide. Despite the fact that it is likely to harm the health of the hair (hair can become dull, and may cause burns), many women prefer it. This is easily explained by the following facts: the effect is fast, easy to obtain the desired degree of lightening. A process for lightening the acceleration, of the added ammonia. But you can not add a lot of alcohol, because it is likely to become not blonde and redhead. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the color and hair texture. For lighter by nature easily clarified. A scorching brunettes sometimes have two or three times to resort to this procedure, since, if the composition of overexpose the hair, you can burn them. And it is not recommended to apply a clarifying composition on clean hair. This is necessary in order to protect the scalp from damage and possible burns. And the forehead, temple and ears of the need to lubricate the cream. After clarification of the procedure is recommended to wash your hair with warm water, and rinse with a gentle solution of apple cider vinegar or citric acid. This rinsing, residual peroxide is neutralized.

Well, some contraindications with the use of hydrogen peroxide hair lightening. Of course – it is the presence of allergic reactions. Moreover, even in the absence of allergies, if your hair is very weak and are cut, it is better to abandon these procedures.



What woman does not dream to be blonde? But deciding to change its color to blond curls, you need to be prepared for the fact that, firstly, the quality of hair will inevitably worsen, and secondly, it is necessary to tint roots and often tinted yellowing length. And because not everyone is full of hair lightening. After all, when a woman is too dark skin and black eyebrows, it often looks unnatural blond adds age, shows all the shortcomings of the skin. For these reasons, many women opt for a compromise. It highlights. There are many of its species, shatush, baloyazh, California highlights. But the essence is the same – only the colored part of the hair. Thus care same rules as for blondirovannyh hair as dyeing by using lightening powder.

For lightening hair or highlights head womenSo, changes have occurred, you get out of the salon, gleaming blond strands. Immediately worth buying toning shampoo that contains in its composition purple pigments that streaked strands longer retained noble cool shade. This shampoo is in every line of professional hairdressing lines of both low cost producers and luxury. Now your hair requires an intensive nutrition and hydration, that after the first wash the hair did not look over dried, so you should buy a good mask. Finally, indelible necessary care, which is applied after washing, it may be oil, serum or spray to protect and prevent the hair section from damage during combing and styling.

The advantage of this method of hair coloring is that it allows you to become a blonde, at the same time eliminating the need for monthly coloring roots. The roots can be painted in four months, it will save the budget, time and protects the health of hair. Each artist has their own preferences, someone makes the strands more frequent, some wider, again much depends on the client’s preferences. Individuality is that, depending on the source color highlighting looks different on a brunette, brown hair, light brown turns absolutely unique result.

Yet much depends on the structure of hair, thin or thick, curly or straight. It helps in every case receive the full exclusive, avoiding uniformity, unlike a simple clarification, which often looks “pressed.” Plus, dyeing, certainly more than the minuses, so up to you!




Of course, we all know that, for some magical reason, gentlemen, are more inclined to choose a blonde, why fashion hair dye white unlikely once held.

Unfortunately, hair bleaching can sometimes cause some trouble. But we know that beauty requires sacrifice, so on the way to it, nothing should stop us. If you have already decided to lighten your hair, you should remember the rules of care.

Try to refer to these experts, who will have to lighten hair for a good, modern method that best protect your hair from the harmful effects.

First, start caring about their hair as early as the time when they decided to paint, choose a good paint and do not skimp. For instance, cheaper options paints contain ammonia which is detrimental effect on our hair.

After staining occurred you need to be sure to choose a good shampoo for colored hair. There are special shampoos that are designed specifically for melirovannyh or bleached hair, so it is recommended to choose them.

To neglect the scalp massage, which is done directly during cleaning. Already definitely it proved that a regular massage can significantly improve the condition of the scalp and hair. To do this procedure, we recommend that after washing, in that moment, when you rinse shampoo. Just gently massage with your fingertips the entire scalp for five minutes.

Once the hair is washed, take the time to dry their hair dryer, it can only harm the healthy hair, not to mention the lighting, so it is better to dry with a towel or in the extreme case, the cool air. Try to take vitamin and mineral complexes.


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