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One of the main components of the Amended and beautiful night image of a woman is her hairstyle. Along with the purchase of exquisite dresses
and finding shoes for a hike in a restaurant or at the corporate, choose the appropriate hairstyle for women is a difficult task. Alternatively evening hairstyles, many salons offer a notorious Hollywood curls. This kind of styling is suitable for those who wear long hair or medium length hair.
The phrase “Hollywood curls” draws in the imagination of famous Hollywood actresses on the red carpet. And if you get on the award “Oscar” is destined not for every woman, then make a Hollywood curls can any, and in the home.

Of course you need to wash your hair and dry hair before creating Hollywood curls.

For laying need: big hair brush, comb with a thin handle to separate the strands, hair dryers, hair clips, and a variety of styler
styling. It is mandatory to use mousse and spray for styling, and the rest – as desired.

Step 1. Drying the hair.

Wet hair is collected at the back, there is only a small layer of hair on the lower head circumference. When creating any styling for long hair and hair of medium length, the hair is dried layers, starting with the lower hair and gradually rising to the parting. Next, the hair strands are dried.
Each strand of, apply mousse and sprinkle spray, then comb through a few times. This will create an additional volume. then, each
a strand of hair is dried using a large brush and a hair dryer from the top down. At the same time locks need a little lift and comb. In this way,
each layer is dried hair before parting.

Step 2: Create curls.

Dry hair gathered in a bun on top of the head, there is only a small section of the front. Screw lock on a spiral styler slowly
rotational movements stretch styler down, releasing the lock of hair. The resulting curl using your finger twist and stifle, not to give it to straighten. Under this scheme, cheat remaining hair. When the curls cool down, you can remove the clips.

These Hollywood curls comb brush or fingers, and can be left in its original form. The final touch will be a consolidation of hairstyles using spray or hair spray.

Make Hollywood tresses possible and using a curling iron or rollers (both heated rollers and wide soft Locks).

Now that you know how to make a Hollywood curls with your hands. With such a hairstyle you will always look beautiful and catch yourself
admiring glances.


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