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No wonder her hair since ancient times had a special significance in human form. Many myths and legends can be found subjects related to hair hero. In Eastern cultures, hair is considered a blanket woman sign of its beauty and mystery. The biblical stories, there is mention of the power stored in the hair.

Today, hair reflects, as a rule, support health, and give the image of human originality and uniqueness. Healthy hair gives confidence to any person.
To our hair remained veil “beauty”, let’s learn some tips.

Carefully combed hair

Do not leave them entangled in order to avoid further “pulling out” shreds. Do not twitch movements “tear” hair. If you find too many intricate plots to start calm down, and then Unscrambling locks, easy fingering their fingers. Also, start combing from the ends, gradually moving closer to the beginning of hair growth. Careless combing wet hair leads to damage. The tips of the hair are cut strongly. Hair is stratified.


Do not over-dry your hair

More often let them dry on their own. From time to time arrange for nourishing hair treatments. Mask of vegetable oils softens the hair, smoothes and makes them more elastic.


Your diet and bad habits directly affect the health of the hair

To strengthen the hair should be included in the diet of foods rich in proteins. Also useful hair brewer’s yeast and vitamins.


Proper hair washing is also important

Do not use caustic or “gross” means. Soap does not give shine to your hair. During shampooing hair bristles on the open, it is important not to damage the hair at this time. Aim the stream of water through the hair from the roots to the tips, but not vice versa.


Council for washing very long hair

Frequent washing long hair leads to drying and damage to the tip, so when washing try to put as little shampoo on the ends of her hair, so as not to wash them out of the organic substances. Also, sometimes you can not wash your hair completely, for example, only a bang.

There is also an option of washing: hair gather in a ponytail, fasten it so that it does not leak water. Lowers his head under running water, and only my head no tail itself. At the same time, check that washed away the shampoo well. Rinsing in this case it must be made from the beginning of the hair collected in the tail direction to return the position of the scales of the hair to the closed state. If you use this method, do not forget that the “general” pomyvka hair still needed, since the proposed method does not completely wash away all the dirt.

So, take care of your hair, so they do not become minus your appearance.

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