Люди с рыжими волосами, множество стереотипов о рыжеволосых


People with red hair, how many of them, the myths that compose them from ancient times.

People with red hair at all times caused a lot of talk and debate. In fact, redheads only 2% of the total number of people, that is 1 out of 50.

People with red hair, a lot of stereotypes about redheadsUndoubtedly, the man with the copper hair color will be visible from afar. Red-haired girls do not need to specifically apply makeup and do her hair, enough to bring a bit of eye and lip tint – such a person will not miss men. How – usually women with “fire” hair are very popular among the stronger sex of individuals, they attract men like a magnet, because always have a bright unique style. Especially rare owners of red hair with blue eyes – they are a minority, usually red-haired with brown or green eyes. And although they have less hair on his head than the dark-haired and fair-haired, but apparently it seems that a lot of them because of the greater thickness of each hair individually.

“Solar” women have a strong sexual energy, literally drives men crazy, in bed they fire – give the partner an incredible pleasure. All the feelings and desires at 100% open it in a sexual game.

When choosing clothes redheads too lucky because, as any combination of clothing, tone on tone, and any other style decisions will look great with bright color hair. Red Beauty incredibly well-received in the photos.

Turning gray red people not so. First, the hair becomes lighter one tone, then off-white and finally appears gray. Dye your hair red hue much harder than any other, since they contain large amounts of hormones. It happens that the dark-haired are red or blonde from the fact that the body has a protein deficiency.

At all times of the red-haired humans evolved set of stereotypes. Children from the fiery color of not always easy to chat with peers as well as frequent ridicule cornered. Adults also suffer a lot, but because of the constant public pressure people with red hair achieve success in life faster than the others.

Children of the Sun may surprise unconventional approach to a variety of life situations. They are charming, able to gain people. Redheads assertive, demanding, can tell all the truth in the face, not afraid of anybody. Perhaps these qualities they have come out with the formation of stereotypes.

Certainly, not all owners of fiery – red shades have the above qualities – and there are complete opposites.

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