Yes, every woman wants her to have beautiful hair. But, unfortunately, elegant hair by nature given not for everyone. In addition, the hair in the same way as all human bodies react to constant stress, poor diet and a long depression, poor diet and bad habits, too, do not lead to positive results. But still, a way to make your hair incredibly beautiful there and help the ordinary people’s recipes, proven over the years.

Together with shampoo sour milk should be used. First applied to the hair or curdled yogurt and rubbed into the skin rhythmic, gentle massage movements. After all you need to wash with baby shampoo. If this method of hair restoration is performed for the prevention, wash yogurt can be directly, if for recovery, then it is necessary to hold the yogurt on the head for 25 minutes.

If the hair began to fall out, you can deal with the problem by using chicken eggs. To do this, the egg whisk well with water in sparsely foam and pour in the wet hair. After that you need to rinse the egg with warm water and rinse with cold or a decoction of herbs. Shampoos and balms better not to use.

Against dandruff is best to use sage. It is necessary to brew sage, making a cool broth and rub it into the scalp. The thing is that sage large amount of tannins, which destroys dandruff.

To restore the hair should be washed them with nettle broth. Do it best daily until the desired results are not will be felt.

During the hair restoration is not necessary to dry the hair with a hair dryer, use of varnishes and mousses, and too often do tight hairstyles. During relaxation hair should have a good rest, and then their owner must be lucky to surprise all beautiful hair.




Healthy and thick hair will adorn any hairstyle without stratifying tips. There is no need to spend money on expensive salon treatments to hair found natural shine and smoothness. An effective, natural and inexpensive means of replacing hike to a beauty salon, a flax seed oil, which can be found in any major grocery store.

Properties of linseed oil. Rich in vitamins and trace elements Flax oil has a deep nourishing effect on the hair and scalp. Of advantages of flax seed oil to other vegetable oils, it is the abundance of polyunsaturated omega-acids, which in addition to improving the state of hair, maintain the beauty of the skin, heart health and bone, prevent the development of chronic fatigue syndrome. An unpleasant surprise for the lovers of natural recipes for health and beauty can become an unusual smell and taste of oil, strong odor similar to fish oil. The perpetrators of such similarities are all the same polyunsaturated omega acids. These acids are found in oily fish delicacy. Features products for hair nutrition.

To give effect to the hair linseed oil is allowed to take by mouth or use it as a mask ingredient wrap or applications in its purest form. Regularly adding a small amount of money in vegetable salads, a couple of weeks will be able to forget about the brittleness and dryness of hair. Depending on the expected result of the oil can be mixed mask for dehydrated, oily, or hair loss. The combination with a raw egg yolk will give vitality dry or weakened hair, and the addition of lemon juice refreshes hair, prone to fat. In order to enhance the therapeutic effect of flax seed oil can be combined with essential oils, suitable for the type of hair. Total five drops of essential extracts will be enough to elevate 15 ml. oil from flax.

As applied to the hair net linseed oil? Undiluted and warmed to body temperature flax oil is applied to slightly damp hair at the roots, and then distributed towards the tips of fingertips. Best results are obtained if the oil is not washed off for a couple of hours. The result of applying the mask becomes apparent as soon as the hair is thoroughly rinsed shampoo from oil residues. The strands look thicker, hair generally becomes smooth and hair color saturation pleases.


Walk the beauty salon is expensive and is not always convenient. Of course, sometimes you want to “shikanut” and visit a glamorous place where you are treated like a princess. But you can feel like a princess, and at home!

One of the tools that will help you with this, it is the royal mask, in every sense, it is based on bread. Royal it because then your hair will shine with beauty and health. But because this mask has a good smell, which is filled with a bathroom.

hleb hair 33The first and perhaps the only rule – you must use only black or rye bread, namely pulp.

To mask the grain on the average length of hair will need 1/4 of a loaf of black bread. Corky we do not need, therefore we bravely cut off, leaving only a piece of bread pulp. Then this piece we put in the water and leave it there from two hours to two days. Next, choose the method of use.


You can filter the resulting mixture, freed from the slices of bread and bread only use water. And you can use the pulp, then rub into the hair you’ll saturated with water, bread. Surprisingly, this bread is simple and easy to wash hair, so do not worry that you will notice sparrows.

Bread improves the quality of your hair, it helps to acquire a natural shine and nourishes the hair roots. For owners of greasy hair, this mask will help to normalize the sebaceous glands. And if you have dry hair, this mask will save the hair from breakage and dryness.

In either case, the mask can help protect hair from external influences. This applies to all kinds of ploek, and often changing weather conditions.

We can not share a good recipe for a mask for hair on the basis of the grain.

To mask complex effects require a quarter of rye bread, which we pour a glass of light beer. Would be nice if the beer will be pre-warmed to room temperature, then all the nutrients remain. Leave mass for a couple of hours and whip the resulting mixture, preferably in a blender. After that, the mask evenly on hair roots under the plastic cap and leave on for half an hour for the best effect. After this procedure, your hair will become stronger, and the hair growth is significantly faster.

Apply this mask can be as often as you wish, there is no limitation in the number of procedures.

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