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Sooner or filed every woman knows what a gray hair, the reasons for this phenomenon are different and depend on many factors. The very first thing you need to know about gray hair – it inherited, of course, not the hair color, but the age of its onset will be almost the same as that of your parents, so this should prepare.

Another fact about the gray hair: faster turns gray people who during life often experience stress, eat properly, have health problems, bad habits. The mechanism of this phenomenon, however, is quite simple and clear, the whole point of violating generation pigmenting substance – melanin, that without it our hair turns gray color.

From the information that we have made, you can make two conclusions. First, if the gray hair due to genetic factors, in this case, you will only painting and maintenance. If, however, the matter of harmful environmental factors, it is possible to solve the problem in another way.

It turns out there are happy to therapeutic and prophylactic procedures, which will be able to return the natural color of your hair. However, these services need to consult a professional cosmetologists or even doctors, because the case is far from comic.

A number of actions you can take and you are, you probably already guess what! Firstly, if you are sure that the graying of hair is caused by constant stress, the time for you to ensure that your body did not feel these factors. For example, you can find a more pleasant work or environment. Do not forget to eat properly, pay attention to what you eat and try to exclude from the menu of harmful products.

The gray hair. Is it possible to get rid of it?

Sedin – this is not a rare phenomenon on the hair. Most often it can be found not only among the older generation, but also quite young people. So, what is the main reason for this phenomenon? Most trichologists dermatologists and experts agree that the appearance of gray hair says about aging of the organism.

Most often you can hear two questions from people who are already affected by this problem, or they are simply afraid of its manifestations.

 How to deal with gray hair

Is it possible to avoid its occurrence? Is it treatable?

To understand these issues, first of all we must understand what constitutes this phenomenon.

The root of the hair and the adjacent parts have a complex structure, the state of which depends largely on the beauty and health of curls. It also contains melanocytes that synthesize melanin. It is a combination of the two components of the melanin – eumelanin and feumelanina provided color and hair color.

The hair shaft, and scientifically – fibrils have these cells. For this reason, if a person begins to turn gray, then since this is the root. After all, that is where there are melanocytes.

Scientists still can not give an exact answer to the riddle of graying. Hypothetically several reasons:

1.There may, limited supply of melanocytes in the body or decrease their activity over time.
2.Vozniknovenie hair in the air spaces, resulting in a refraction of the sun appears gray.
3. Damage to the structure of DNA under the influence of unfavorable external environment or stress.
4. The reduction in activity as a component tironaza, without whose participation in melanogenesis tyrosine no assimilation, without which there is no migration of the desired cells in the hair follicles.

It is normal start graying in men at the age of 30-35 years and women 40-45. In men, this process begins with the chin, in women with temples.

But progress with the appearance of gray hair development opportunities to meet and the younger generation from twenty years old. trichologists Doctors attribute this phenomenon to the transferred colds.

Unfortunately, this process is irreversible, even with the latest scientific achievements, but to reduce the likelihood of its early appearance can be following a few tips:

1. Try to avoid stress, especially chronic.
2. Do not be long without a hat in the open sun.
3. Follow the diet, providing sufficient intake of proteins and vitamins.

If gray hair is still there and in large numbers, the optimal solution is a complete coloring or highlighting.

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