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Oily hair: causes and care


Many women are victims of oily hair. By the evening after bath hair treatments again become dirty and unkempt. Hair shine, and this is not a healthy shine. But there is this plus. Greasy hair is treated much easier than dry.

Scalp allocates sebaceous glands, which are distributed through the hair. From activity allocation depends on the condition of hair. What affects the excessive activity?

Hair zhirneyut several seemingly banal reasons: violation of proper nutrition, hormonal disruptions, water temperature, excess chemicals used during installation, improper shampoos and conditioners. Also, the reason can be a disease.


So, how to make less fat hair?


The head should be washed once in 2-3 days, and only by special means, warm water and drying only be carried out by natural means, without the use of a hair dryer. If you wash your hair more often, wash off the film and a special allocation of sebaceous glands will only increase. Before you begin to wash the head, it is necessary to use a degreaser. The shampoo is recommended to choose on the basis of herbal infusions (nettle, sage). Do not use shampoos containing silicone.

Combing hair should be as little as possible, and it is desirable to eliminate the clips, rubber bands and tight woven braids. It should start combing from the tips of the hair, it does not touch the root, so as not to stimulate the sebaceous glands to avoid their distribution through the hair.

As for food, it is necessary to remove the fat, sweet, very salty food, spices, flour. So we should not have to eat fast food meal. Increase the amount of consumption of fish, meat, dairy products, as well as to include in the diet of porridge.

Some time ago, when there were so many masks, shampoos, conditioners, women used the folk remedies that are available now.

The most relevant are the mask and rinse. Here are recipes for some of them.

Per liter of water pour a tablespoon of vinegar. Rinse hair after washed.

Art. A spoonful of mustard dissolved in water. Rinse hair.

4 tablespoons lemon juice add 1 cup vodka. Rub into the hair every morning.

Cups of black tea rinse after a bath.

On dry hair, apply a dark beer and rinse after 15 minutes.

Rinse your head should be slightly warm water.

Also there are many hair masks. Kefir, bread, honey, apple. It helps mask of blue or white clay and yogurt, burdock, mustard. The last can even help regrow hair the desired length in just a few months.

In normal times, without shampooing and mask, you can use these methods:

In a damp cloth to put a little salt and massage your head for 15 minutes.

Drip on the comb a little aromatic oil and comb the hair over the entire length of about 15-20 minutes.

greasy hair problems to solve, and deal not so difficult with her. The main thing is to apply various techniques on a regular basis, not from time to time.

greasy hair

With oily hair handle baby powder


Women suffer not only from dry and brittle hair. There are also women who inconvenience of excessive oiliness. You’ve probably read a lot of guaranteed tips, try herbs and grandmother’s advice, expensive products for hair care is expensive, but nothing worked?

This may surprise you, but to cope with the problem can help ordinary baby powder. This is – a great alternative to dry shampoo. A small trick – and beautiful fluffy hair becomes a reality!


Daily hair washing burdens


No woman wants to walk with greasy hair. Therefore, I wash them every day. This is a stumbling block, and a vicious circle. Your hair hurts not only constant touch, but also frequent washing. Although they zhirneyut and “asking” cleansing, the more you will save them from sebum, the more they will be protected, and … zhirnet because, sebum is the natural hair protection. Therefore, try washing them gradually zoom out – that this will help the next trick.


Baby powder and brush for hair


The palms or directly on the hair, pour powder so that it is evenly distributed throughout the head. If your curls very dark, and a white powder is too visible, you can replace it with face powder or bronzers. The result is always the same (powder / powder absorbs excess sebum). After votrёte powder in her hair, and become happy with the result, comb it with a brush and move on to the hairstyle.

Care for oily scalp


Not complex and accessible to every care will help to normalize the sebaceous glands, and to get rid of unsightly hair type. At first glance it may seem that the solution to the problem – it is frequent washing of the head, but this is unfortunately not the case. Proper care during shampooing – the success of the treatment.


Wash oily hair


There are three basic steps to normalize the situation – it’s cleansing, moisturizing and additional funds. Thus, with regard to cleansing, this procedure must be doubled. Detergent or shampoo should be selected specifically for oily scalp, it is not always suitable for even shampoo for all skin types. Shampoo should be done in the cool water, pre-diluted shampoo. Shampoo diluted in water and gently lather, then apply to wet hair. It is desirable that the water hardness has been reduced to a minimum. After cleansing the hair should be rinsed with cold water – this procedure will narrow pores and reduce sebum. Shampoo is desirable to choose a professional, observing proper softness purification. Strictly contraindicated in shampoos for damaged and colored hair. Supply of nutrients of these shampoos can only hurt in this case.




Any type of scalp needs moisture, and this case is no exception. Mandatory procedure aimed at saturation of the skin with moisture. Means moisture is desirable to buy in pharmacies. If you have dandruff should be chosen on the basis of a means of clay with herbal extracts. When used properly, the result will be apparent to one week.


Additional funds.


If you want to this stage, you should remember one thing – money must be applied correctly. Whether it is a mask or serum application takes place only on the hair, without touching the skin and roots. Exposure means strictly according to the time specified in the instructions. All funds, without exception, to select only for oily scalp, because the functionality in different roots.

Finally, during the treatment and prophylaxis of skin, you must refrain from styling products. Foams, gels, waxes, hair sprays heavier and clog hair. By following these simple rules, the result will be visible soon. The more that this problem is solved and corrected promptly. In place of no aesthetic appeal and beautiful come fresh curls, to the delight of you and others.

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