интимный груминг



Even in past times intimate topics were not discussed publicly. They were considered indecent, and even immoral. Currently grooming theme is very common, not only among women. On the Internet you can find a lot of websites that will answer any question related to the intimate beauty.

Types of grooming

Types of grooming

Today grooming includes not only a haircut pubic hair waxing, but the hair color and even piercing. Let’s try a closer look at each type of care for intimate places.

Currently very popular trimming the bikini area. Mowing on intimate mestah- is not only beautiful, but also hygienic. Trimming can improve self-esteem of women, to diversify the intimate life with a partner. Haircut can be carried out both in the salon and at home on their own. It is only necessary to choose a favorite pattern, acute blunt scissors and wax, if necessary.

Waxing is performed to complete or partial removal of pubic hair. This procedure is very painful, so have a little patience, but you can forget about the “vegetation” about two weeks. The skin is very sensitive on the genitals, so hair removal can cause itching and ingrown hairs. After depilation necessarily apply sugar scrub, and then a nourishing cream. Before the procedure, you can test for underarm skin.

Among the girls now have become very popular pubic hair coloring. Do not forget that all the paint is designed for hair color, as well as the pubic skin is more sensitive, it can lead to irritation. But the choice does every man!

VAGINAL grooming WHAT IS IT?Piercing usually pierced by Clitheroe or labia. Everyone knows that any dangerous piercing of body parts. Therefore, after the procedure necessarily should be carried out before the treatment wound healing.

Another trend in the intimate fashion – this discoloration of the skin of the labia. Any procedure related to chemicals can cause burns, blisters, severe irritation. But the majority of women undergoing this procedure without any complications.

To avoid serious consequences better contact to the salon. Master – the guru in this field, and will tell you how best to paint or trim the pubic hair, which is painless to get pierced.

After each session, conducted vaginal grooming should not forget about the consequences. At the slightest irritation, burns or pustules you must not hesitate to seek medical attention.

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