Как отрастить длинные волосы, рецепты в домашних условиях


When still wear long hair, but in his youth? Young girls with beautiful long hair always attract attention, to the delight and admiration. However, to grow a desired spit turns out not at all.

The main problems faced by girls who dream of long hair – brittle and section. These troubles can and must be fought. Friability section and arise due overdrying tip. The fact that the hair roots is powered by only a length of 15 cm, the rest – dead length which, without moistening outside dries quickly, losing elasticity and shine. With this in mind, to grow long hair, the ends must be constantly nourished. You can use as a ready-made moisturizing masks that abound in today’s market, and to make them yourself. The easiest option – a couple of hours before washing the hair to lubricate the ends of hair cosmetic oil. During shampooing oil is washed off with shampoo. Also, after each wash for a few minutes it is necessary to be applied to the ends of the hair nourishing balm. It will not only provide additional moisture, but will also provide an easy combing, which is protected from mechanical damage. After washing their hair to gently wet towel and dry the hair dryer without great need.

Wanting to grow long hair, it is necessary to abandon their coloring, as much paint drain hair, depriving them of their strength. It is also necessary to protect the hair from frost and sun.



Many girls dream about long hair, but patience quickly comes to an end, because the hair needs regular maintenance. If the hair is not enough nutrients, they break down, whipped and otraschivaniya process seems endless. But there are some tricks that will make your healthy, beautiful and improve their growth.

1. Daily Conditioner. From these funds scalp moisturized, your hair does not dry well and grow rapidly.

2. Combing. This process stimulates the hair follicles and helps get rid of dead hair.

3. Selection of a comb. Some types of combs injure the scalp and hair hurt. If you dream about long hair, you should prefer a soft brush with ionization function.

4. Mask for hair. Regular use of masks with coconut, almond and olive oil, nourish and moisturize the hair. Mustard mask, cinnamon, actively promote circulation of the scalp, thereby, improving hair growth.

5. The activator of hair growth. Stimulate and nourish the hair follicles.

6. Dryer. To grow hair fast, it is desirable not to injure, so it is necessary to dry naturally.

7. Massage. Before each washing hair, experts recommend doing head massage. There is an active development of the sebaceous glands and improves blood circulation, which has a good effect on the condition of the hair.

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