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It looks stylish and attractive – it means, first of all, know your strengths and weaknesses and skill to beat them. One of the simplest and most effective way is to blow. When used properly, this technique, you can advantageous to frame the face, adjust the shape and hiding even the smallest flaws that bring you discomfort. Long hair in this case turn out to be a very good tool.

The first step when choosing a laying it is necessary to determine the type of face: oval, oblong, round, square or heart-shaped. Then pay attention to the tone of the skin: it will help you choose the right shade of hair, because such an error can bring all your efforts come to nothing, and even a good styling will not save the situation.

Oval face type. An ideal variant which is practically no need to adjust. With regard to cutting and styling, then you can not be afraid of bold and choose what will appeal. But the color with care and better consult with the master, what shade would look better with your skin.

Long face. It must be visually shortened. This can be achieved by using a thick long bangs and big curls. You will also, for example, such a variant hairstyles: straight or slightly oblique parting strands collected in the low beam. Mandatory condition – closed ears.

Round face type. Allow hair to freely fall down on your shoulders, framing the face evenly. In this case, it is better if the locks on each side will be long and straight that visually pull it, but the crown, on the contrary, should be volume. Such type of person are also suitable oblique bangs.

Square face. It should refer to the asymmetrical haircuts. Crack open your ears and forehead, and let the long loose curls soften the angularity of the face. And discard the parting.

The shape of the heart. In order to make the face look oval, you must soften its contours. You fit curvy styling, but short bangs you are contraindicated.

Among other things, you should not forget about the other features of your face, which may influence the choice of placement. For example, the nose is one of the most expressive elements, so it is necessary to take account of its shape. Owners of the long nose is not combed her hair, and it is better to stop the choice on the magnificent styling. But small features can be framed with small curls – will look very cute and attractive. But most importantly, always adhere to the image that you like it, the only way you will truly irresistible.




She will feel confident and attractive only if her hair will be perfectly stacked. Only a few know that the beautiful and long styling is quite possible to perform and at home. This is what you learn and on.

One of the common ways of styling at home is carving. This special procedure using a special chemical masks. Many immediately discourages the word “chemical”. But carving has nothing to do with the procedure perm. Inside, this procedure can be done in an hour and a half. At home, this time is extended due to lack of experience.

This styling can be maintained 1-2 months, all bude depend on the frequency of shampooing. The main feature of carving, is that the stacking itself is lost, unlike a perm, where you need to grow hair or straighten them with a special procedure.

In order to carry out the procedure at home you need to know your hair type and texture. Knowing these details should you choose the right chemical composition. It is necessary to carefully follow the instructions, because otherwise you can permanently ruin your tresses.

First you need to wash your hair well and tighten them in special curlers for curling. The tips in any case should not hang around in different directions – it can ruin your entire installation. After you should apply a mask and wrap hair in a towel. Time after which you need to wash off the mask should be written on the package. For this purpose we use a regular warm water without shampoo. Next you need to apply a fixer for a while, then you can remove the curlers. After their removal can cause a small amount of the retainer, which should be washed off after three minutes. You can now settle and dry hair.

After performing this procedure, the hair should be restored. Therefore, we must use a variety of nutritional agents, conditioners, and so on.


Beautiful, well-groomed and healthy hair breathable give us, above all, confidence. Golden Hands stylists and hairdressers are doing is sometimes simply a masterpiece. But, after two or three days, the hair acquire the same form and with them it is simply impossible to cope, they are difficult to fit, and do not look quite the way we want. What is the secret of hairdressers and whether it is possible to stack them so that feel irresistible?

Without special tools to lay them will be very difficult. Short hair lay in her hair faster than the medium length. To put them, it is better to use mousse or gel, the most appropriate type of hair. Before you put on your hair, they need to pound on the palm to
avoid matted strands. Mousses and gels have protective properties against thermal damage in hair styling hairdryer or styler. Stacking of a hairdryer, you can add volume, and if it is not cooled hair rinse with cold air, they become shiny, healthy look.
Styler is also a versatile tool. It can help you straighten your hair or create curls of different sizes, twirling on the strands of
hair roots. If the styler to keep parallel to the floor, the curls will be more cool, if slightly angled turn out beautiful curls.

And finally, a few tips:

  • do not forget to treat and pamper your hair nourishing mask. There are many solutions, you can make a mask for hair with your hands, you can buy in the store, considering your hair type.
  • rinsing after washing with cold water, they will be more obedient and shiny. Pouring water with ice cubes can be replaced with a decoction of herbs.
  • Only clean hair a more well-to style.

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