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Why hair – tail today is very urgent?

Tail – is not just a hairstyle, and salvation. After all, it is useful in many cases, in their daily lives. And never get the status of “fashion is not suitable.” As is widely popular.

In some cases, appropriate to wear her hair – tail?

Hairstyle – is the tail number of cases for use: it can be worn when you want to take the time to study, when the employee is required by the accuracy and diligence in appearance, for the commission for economic affairs and enjoyable time on the secular party.

What is the advantage of hairstyles – the tail?

The advantage of hairstyles – the tail is that it is simple and fast. And suitable for almost all ages and types of women, from young and romantic ending, more adults and business. And its important to wear whatever the weather and season. After all, the performance of hairstyles costs – tail save time and effort.

For what length of hair is intended to do her hair – tail?

With regard to the length of the hair, then it is no problem to perform as suitable for almost any of its length.

So how to make hair – tail?

First, before you start to work, we need to understand what there is a classification, to understand its variations, and to make a careful choice of execution.

Types of hairstyles – tails:


  1. Classical.
  2. Careless.
  3. With fleece.
  4. Horse.
  5. Tall.
  6. Asymmetric.

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Hair-tail “Classic”.

To do this hairstyle, you need to do to collect the hair (at the temples or back of the head) and then fix it, for example, elastic, barrette or ribbon.

Do not wear a hair on the crown, as this may cause inconvenience, because then it will tighten the scalp and the hair itself.

Hairstyle – tail “sloppy.”

It will be the ideal option for a romantic date or a walk in the city parks.

Tail with fleece.

It gives a unique charm and sexy appearance.


To create a need to carefully and gently comb the hair on the top front and rear and on the sides towards the nape, then fasten the rubber band.

Hairstyle – tail “High”.

The advantage of this variety is a combination of gentleness and restraint. It allows you to show the advantages of the available. To perform a hairstyle, you have to moisten with water and comb their hair, do not forget to lift them from the roots and then comb hair up and secure with a rubber band.

Hairstyle – tail “asymmetric”.

It does not cause inconveniences in the process of creating and spent on it quite a bit of time, but also underlines a spectacular attraction.

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