Healthy, strong HAIR


Nowadays, almost every woman faces the problem of hair loss, split ends, dry and brittle hair. And that’s not all the problems that most of the girls is trying to fight.

The reasons are many unhealthy hair. First of all – it’s a bad environment. Unfortunately, it is difficult to fix, so you have to put up with this state of the environment.

You should pay attention to how you use the shampoo. Do not skimp on cleaning agent for your hair, as this is an important point of care. Use shampoos containing useful decoctions of herbs such as stinging nettle, burdock root, birch. Buy balms and conditioners that are suitable for your hair type, for example, to split ends, against hair loss, for oily or dry hair. It should also be noted that only shampoo and conditioner will not be enough, because they contain very little nutrients, so it is only a means to cleanse the hair. Shampoo should be changed every two months. Alternate at least two or three shampoo best suited to you.

Try to use less irons, hair dryers, curling irons. They dehydrate the hair, making it dry and brittle. It is because of these devices even healthy hair starts to split, and then it will be difficult to get rid of this problem. Here you will only help the scissors, because the ends of the cross sections will have no way to glue. If, however, you need to use hair iron or curling iron, buy a thermal protection spray for hair. It envelops each hair invisible film and your curls get less damage. Generally, if you use the above devices, then you should use a daily moisturizing spray, which is possible even to cook at home, using, for example, lemon juice.
Twice do hair mask weekly. If you have a problem with the hair, make the mask, which will help you get rid of this problem. If your hair is generally in the order that is no reason to forget about leaving. Then alternately make different masks. The most a good basis for the mask is burdock. It can be mixed with castor, olive and other oils. It is possible to use it separately. Also in the mask, you can add honey, egg yolk, lemon juice. You can also make masks for faster hair growth, so you are not sorry to part with the tips of his patients. For growth to make a mask with tincture of pepper and mustard. These masks harness the scalp, causing a rush of blood and thereby “awaken” the dormant bulbs.

Are useful not only for the hair mask, rinse and herbal. The most good way to strengthen a rinse decoction of nettles. Just type a small number of leaves of the plant and pour a cup of boiling water. Let it brew for a few hours this composition. During this time, nettles provide nutrients. To combat the loss need to rinse hair infusion of burdock. It can be prepared according to the same principle as a decoction of nettles, and you can buy in a drugstore. It is worth it inexpensive. To hair shone hair rinse decoction of birch leaves.

Less experiment with your tresses. Try to give up coloring. As a general rule, if you dyed your hair once you paint them yet, because nobody like regrown roots of your natural color, or have to wash off the paint with special means that will cause more damage to your hair. If you do decide to staining, use good quality oil-based paint. There is no need to save. Cheap low-quality paint you apply tremendous harm to the hair and may even achieve the desired color. You need to experiment with shampoos, sprays, balms hair. If you choose for themselves a good tool, it is better and use. Do not use more money on hair care unknown manufacturers. Always look at the production date and shelf life. If you doubt the quality of the product, such as a strange odor, color, consistency, do not use this facility, even if the expiration date has not yet emerged.

Healthy hair – this is not a reason to forget about caring for them. Prevention would not want. If you follow some simple rules, you will always be beautiful and well-groomed hair.

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