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Henna is most often used to color hair, and in this way are a very long time – roughly from the XVI century BC. It revitalizes hair and seals the structure, giving hair the desired shade.

Staining henna is safe, hypoallergenic, and this plant helps many women who can not use chemical dyes.

Young mums doctors even advise to apply henna to restore hair density after childbirth.


How to obtain a particular shade


For a light red color of henna powder should be diluted in chamomile broth, put gloves with a brush to the hair, hold for five minutes and rinse with shampoo. For dark saturated red color should be diluted henna in hot water, stir in two yolks and add coconut oil (can be burdock). Apply all the same as in the first case, and bear under a shower cap for an hour.

To shade a pair of old gold gram of saffron boiled and then mixed into the henna. To get the shade of mahogany, you will need to cocoa, which is combined with henna in the amount of three to four tablespoons, pour hot water and put on dry hair. However, henna dye eyelashes and eyebrows, which is reflected in their appearance is much better than the use of chemical dyes. Eyelashes become noticeably thicker and longer.


About colorless henna


Colorless henna is used as a mask for the hair component. It allows you to close the scales and improve scalp circulation, strengthen the roots. It is best to use it with the oil to retain moisture hair.

Recommended wheat germ oil, burdock oil, liquid vitamins A and E. All of the components are mixed and applied to the hair for an hour. In conjunction with proper nutrition and warming mask, such a procedure will help to restore the volume and the health of your hair.

Also colorless henna is indispensable to clean the skin of any type. It has disinfectant, tonic and even rejuvenating effect. It can be applied at the time of how you make a mask for hair, and thus kill two birds with one stone. The mixture of water and henna is applied to the face and kept to dry completely. Each time, the pores will become cleaner.

However, if the skin is prone to dryness, then this mask should be added to the pulp of the fruit or dairy products – a further moisturize and soften skin.




Health and beauty woman hair directly depend only on herself. To have luxury long hair girls have to take good care of them. Expensive and regular trips to the interior are not always afford it. But I want to look spectacular all the time. To condition hair was perfect, you can do one every two weeks this wonderful mask. Her secret is simple – no expensive tools only available components.

Once this simple procedure is completely straighten curls, become soft, elastic. To touch such hair will want to constantly. They are not electrified, not pushatsya. The main ingredient is gelatin. Simple product of stocks many housewives cooking creates real miracles. Marvel not particularly necessary, because the gelatin is collagen source. This vital substance is necessary to hair, as many environmental conditions deprive them of it. Peresushka, burnout, poor brushing make hair weak.

Gelatine mask gives the hair the effect of lamination. Brilliant, soft hair will enjoy its beauty immediately after shampooing.

Components for masks:


  • – Sachet of gelatine
  • – 100 ml of water
  • – 1 tbsp. spoon of balm or mask (continuous use)


The whole procedure is very simple. It is necessary to boil the water. Let it cool down. Pour it in a convenient bowl. It is important to remember that water should be cold at all. Pour gelatin there. Leave it for 30 minutes in water. Thereafter, a container with warm water bath gelatin. The fluid should be warm. Pour back hair balm. Mix well. Apply the mixture on washed head. Rubbed into the roots of a mask is not necessary. It is necessary to lubricate the hair from the tip to the top of the head. Wear a hat for the bathroom. Cover with a towel on top of her head. Leave the mask on the hour. Then wash your head as usual, but no shampoo.


Hair Treatments at home are often more useful to those that are made in the salons. Many girls use only natural ingredients and are in a big win. Penny agents have great benefit to the hair structure, while expensive balms, masks, sprays destroy outer shell and an inner curl.

Honey mask enriches the hair with nutrients, perfectly connects exfoliated flakes. Burdock oil, which is a part of this life-giving mixture of softness and elasticity of the hair. After applying several such procedures can be a long time to forget about split ends. Hair becomes alive, soft.

Apply the mask should be ready to have washed his head. It is important to remember that taking a shower hair lightly wring a towel. Then massage movements rub miracle remedy to hair. Much attention is required to pay tips, they put a little more mixture than the rest of the hair.

For the mask will need:


  • – 2 tablespoons of burdock oil
  • – 50 grams of honey
  • – A little balm for hair


On hair mask should be hold for 30 minutes. It is convenient to be put on his head a hat. Then just rinse the head with warm water.

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