уход за кудрявыми волосами


It was always there, and will be so that all women dream to have long and beautiful hair. Some dream of a smooth and smooth the hair, the other about funny curls and whorls. And, as a rule, holders of curly locks tend to pull them, and those whom nature has not endowed their hair waves constantly wind the. It’s Murphy’s Law applied to female beauty. In this article you will read how is it that you need to take care of unruly hair and curling. If nature has awarded you a beautiful head of hair, then you just have to maintain the beauty and health of their wealth.

To care for unruly curly hair useFirst of all, this type of hair is the most disruptive, they are difficult to stack in hairstyles, curls constantly distracting from the overall beam, and therefore often looks untidy hair a mess, but not great styling. To fix it is necessary to use irons, curling irons, lacquers, mousses and other styling products, which of course leads to damage to the hair structure. Therefore, special attention should be paid to their health, which also applies to those who like coloring.

The first thing to look out for is a shampoo suitable for curly hair. In no case do not use shampoo for volume, since it will only spoil the condition of your hair. Such hair shampoos made thicker and heavier them, thus enveloping the entire length of a particular film which prevents absorption of moisture and the necessary breaks the hair structure. If curls are dry, use shampoos containing jojoba oil, coconut and licorice, and if you are thin and brittle hair, the more suitable means of containing extracts of medicinal herbs, such as sage, burdock, or horseradish.

In order to make your hair more necessary to use balms, conditioners and masks. Balsam use after every shampoo, putting it on a couple of minutes, avoiding contact with the roots of the hair. For normal hair its continued use is not recommended, as it creates a special protective foil and weigh down your hair, but for most it curls. Also mandatory tool in the care of unruly curls is a moisturizing mask, but it should be used once every 10 days.

For this type of hair it is best that they dry out naturally, without the use of the dryer. Then curls are beautiful and the harm they will not overheat. Wet their best not to comb, as they are very stretched, and this is also very harmful. Combs them only after complete drying and only comb with a few teeth, and best of all with an antistatic coating. Often wash the comb from the sebum.

Here are just a few rules on how to support their natural wealth of healthy and beautiful. Your hair has a truly attractive and interesting because it is unique, few can boast such a luxury, so Holte and cherish their precious curls.

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