Парик модели искусственные или натуральные волосы


Wig – it is a way for women to feel different without experiments on their own hair. With the wig, you can change yourself beyond recognition. Blonde for a few hours to become a brunette, and vice versa, as the owner of a stylish short hairstyle is easy to transform into a beauty with a long Russian slash.

This accessory is a wig costs money and for its choice should be taken seriously, otherwise a short period of time attribute stylish image to turn into a shapeless hat hairy.

Wig models of artificial or natural hairDue attention should be paid to the quality of its production. Should be of uniform thickness, coloring appropriate, as the material can be both artificial and natural hair. Quality wig should luchitsya healthy hair shine, even if they are not natural. If such an effect is absent, like a wig dull and dusty – it can only talk about one thing – the raw materials used are not of the highest level. To check the degree of staining of you should use a simple cloth, squeezing her small strand. With good coloring on the napkin should not remain traces of the paint, otherwise the product will undergo moult and will cease to be attractive.

Giving preference to natural hair wigs, it should be understood that the term accessory service is limited to only a few seasons, depending on the intensity of his wearing, while the high-quality artificial analogues will serve its owner for many years, while maintaining its original appearance.

It is also very popular because of its practicality mixed models, there are also natural hair and artificial strands in their composition. These products are characterized by long life and the ability to hold shape well.

Choosing a wig, of course, should be done in tandem with a professional stylist. An experienced specialist in their field perfectly accurately be able to determine which of the models is beneficial wigs emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. However, not all the shops, in the range which includes such products can boast of having such a specialist in the state. But there are a few tips for the selection of the wig.

Models should choose mid-length ladies with an oval or slightly elongated face.

Wigs with long hair suited the fair sex with a round face shape, or the person in the form of a square.

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