How to cure split ends HAIR

How to cure split ends HAIR

Long hair – crown of a woman, her pride and beauty. But very often this beauty overshadows the presence of split ends. Hair look messy while, become rigid, change color. The fact that the outer shell of the hair designed to keep the inside of the structure over time and the impact on the external environment becomes thinner, and the internal structure of the hair splits. Typically, this happens with the tips of the hair, but sometimes the entire length. Why is this happening?

volosy sekutsya 33On the health of the hair influenced by weather conditions. Hair, flowing in the cold, in the rain, most likely, will split. This may also include the use of hot air when drying your hair. Always remove your tresses under a headdress in the winter, while blow-drying, if it is unavoidable, use a cold mode. Of course, it is best to dry the hair naturally, and even better, how to advise oriental women, not a towel, and a silk handkerchief, gently and carefully dabbing them.

The structure of the hair is very delicate, because even comb wet, wet hair is not advisable if you do not want to damage them. You also can not wear long hair overtighten the gum, it violates the natural nutrition of hair. If you comb your hair messy, comb and apply from aggressive materials, iron or plastic, for example, it also has a negative impact on the health of the hair. Comb should be either ceramic or wooden. Matted hair should first calmly unravel, each strand individually, and then gently comb.

On lack of effect of hair splitting or absence of the content in the hair necessary substances such as minerals, water, fatty acids. To avoid this situation, you should adjust the diet, eat fatty fish rich in fatty acids, nuts and seeds in sufficient quantities, as well as dried fruit to saturate the body’s minerals. Drink at least five glasses of pure water a day to maintain the level of hydration, and as a result, the hair.

Exposure to chemicals, too, does not have a favorable outcome. Frequent hair coloring, as well as the general air pollution or smoking, active or passive, is very negative impact on the health of the hair. They have also included a specific hair care, the use of mixtures of aggressive styling, paints and sprays, as well as soap.

By following these simple rules, we can keep the hair from excision. If unable to prevent the excision should take their medication. Split ends does not stick together, they will have to cut, applying the treating haircut. It is advisable to apply for a hairstyle very sharp, malotravmiruyuschie scissors, and even better to make a hot haircut. This haircut hot scissors, it helps seal the tips of hair under the influence of temperature and are subsequently less bifurcate. In the future, we will have to periodically cut the dosage in order to avoid further dissection of the hair.
To prevent delamination of hair before washing should be 20-30 minutes to lubricate the ends of the hair base oil – burdock, castor, almond, linseed, after which the hair is wrapped in a warm towel. This mask is very useful to strengthen hair. Essential natural oils such as ylang-ylang, chamomile, myrrh, mandarin, orange, add a few drops to a regular shampoo. These substances improve the structure of your hair. After washing your hair rinse decoction of nettle, chamomile, or a solution of apple cider vinegar, or water with lemon juice.

Many benefits will bring medical masks. The composition of the masks: honey, egg yolk, olive oil, or fish oil, carrot juice, sour cream. Apply on hair for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with warm water, then rinse hair with water with apple cider vinegar.

WHAT TO DO IF tip of the hair whipped

Only a rare lucky avoids section hair ends after a cold period.

1. To cut or not? Professionals advise to only trim split ends of hair. The expensive jewelry salon professionals can touch to remove the damaged area, such a procedure is called “dusting” and lasts for a long time, but after it, the hair looks amazing.

2. Special equipment. Use a shampoo for damaged hair only. They do not desiccate the hair and less aggressive. You can not wash your hair without air conditioning. Choose the one that is designed for damaged hair and split ends.

3. Elimination of provocateurs. When split ends should forget about the hot hair dryer, irons and other aggressors.

4. The use of oils. Good effect can be achieved using linseed oil. After the third treatment, you will notice an obvious result. Burdock oil is not for everyone, it is poorly washed away, making the hair sticky and heavy.

5. The oil solution of vitamin A. This tool is a champion of positive feedback rating. Apply it only on the tips of the hair. Good effect and shine provided. To get the maximum effect from the oil masks, the procedure is carried out with hot oil.

6. Choice of hairbrushes. During brushing stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, the hair is a natural food. If your hair is damaged, the combing procedure can be for them last, so it is important to select the correct comb and do not neglect the rules of scratching.

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