Домашний уход за волосами, наносить маски, масло на концы волос



In the conditions of modern life, with constant stress, urban environment, the ever-changing fashion is difficult to keep hair thick and full of life. Mass-market offers a crazy amount of money on hair care products, all kinds of peels, masks warm, cooling, sealing, hair tips Serum systems for growth and against hair loss. But many women have long realized that the best home, natural masks have not invented anything. The most obvious effect is given natural products.

Care for each type of hair problems should be your:

For dry hair

– Dry, breaking the tips, like butter. The oil can be taken Burdock, argan, castor, linseed, olive, both separately and mix all at once. The pre-blend of oils need to warm up, but do not boil in any case. Add a drop of essential oil in a warm, for example orange. Generously grease the hair from the middle to tip generously because the ends are dry quickly and greedily soak the mask. Making such a mask is better at night and in the morning wash shampoo. Apply this and more the better – do start to notice results.

grow hair

– For those who want to grow hair or stimulate their growth on a roll you can use any hot mask. Since the heat stimulates the birth of new follicles and hair growth on the whole. Very effective mask: 1 tablespoon mustard powder, a package of live yeast, half cup of yogurt, for the smell and the use of essential oils can be added. Yeast pour in yogurt and put in a warm place when bubbles appear on the surface, pour out tbsp sugar and mustard powder. All this mixture is applied strictly to the scalp, it can not be applied to the ends. Massage movements rubbed into the skin mask, worn top hat or bag, then wrapped up a towel to create heat. Mustard will bake, but it’s worth it. Making such a mask should be no more than twice a month, otherwise you can dry up hair.

For greasy hair

– Greasy hair at the roots and dry on the remaining length. The ends supplied with oil, as in the first case. Kefir is able to eliminate the fat, so that the roots should be applied kefir mask. Aromaraschesyvanie with essential tea tree oil – a good remedy for oily hair, as this oil can be added shampoo, which normally wash your hair. But we must remember that it is necessary to wash with this type of hair roots only, not the ends of the soap, and so they will wash well with remover shampoo.

After washing hair with a towel to rub it is impossible, when such action spoils the hair structure. If the hair dryer drying can not be avoided, it is necessary to keep it as far away from the head, so it will be longer, but the hair is not too overheated.

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