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In the family circle, using the popular trendy technique involved in hair coloring. It is recommended to isolate a large number of hair with the addition of the foil or use a transverse distribution of multiple strands. With a good assistant must use one of the methods: at the beginning imitated hairstyle that wish client, you need to take a brush and run through the individual strands are not dividing them from the main handful of hair. These steps need to divide some element of hairstyles, which emphasizes the importance in a bang, and the tips of the strands crease curls that are convex.

Right hair color, you must use toolsHaving a haircut with short hair, making fleece, you can raise the hair by painting the most out of the corner and causing high contrast paint with the addition of the foil. This method is more suited to youthful hairstyle, but to achieve results genuineness will not work, especially being in the home. To dye your hair in a fabulous and expressive color, hue test on inconspicuous strands. How many times you need to pay attention to hair painting? From the tone of the result will depend on the paint as often or seldom you’ll stain your hair.

With solid ink, it is necessary to control the time of coloring the roots that grow. It is advisable to carry out this kind of work no more frequently than once every two months, as the speed of hair and determines time. Complete all work coloring the hair from root to end length is sufficient to carry out once in four months. If you have an easy short hair with interesting hair repainting, then a visit to the hairdresser will be in two months. Not recommended to paint the hair many times, as their structure is destroyed, especially in the paint counter, from which there is much stronger hair bleaching. If such a reaction dyes, it will be impossible to use the iron is adapted to hair curlers and curling. And only a true grooming hair helps compensate for their losses.


To date, more than 50% of young women dye their hair. Primarily, this is due to the desire to change your style, try something new. Naturally, after such experiments, the hair is very much affected. Colouring hair different colors detrimental effect on their health, they become more prone to breakage and loss, as well as become more dry. Colored hair just needs some special care. How do you know, after reading this article.

Helpful hints

In order for your hair again acquired a normal appearance, a number of useful and important tips must be followed:

  •  You must completely stop using the dryer, as well as other thermal devices. They are terribly violate the structure of hair, which subsequently leads to the fact that they become brittle and dull.
  •  Choose a good comb. The most suitable and quality is considered to be a comb made of wood. Comb the hair must be carefully, from the roots and to the tips.
  •  In no case do not need to wrap your hair in a towel after you take a bath. Better to just a little overcome them, wipe with a towel and leave to dry.
  •  Frequently wash your hair impossible. It is enough if you do it no more than 3 times in 7 days.

Combing the hair only when they are completely dry. If you comb them moist, it will lead to injury of the hair structure.

Special funds for recovery

In order to cause the hair to a nice and well-groomed appearance, followed by the need to regularly monitor using professional tools. They can be purchased in pharmacies conventional or specialized shops. It is important that these were funds specifically for hair after coloring. This line usually includes shampoo, conditioner, mask, balm and so on. N. They are perfectly moisturize and restore any dyed hair.

If you dye your hair often, the experts recommend to guzzle complex vitamin, which make up the lack of nutrients in your body. Long experience has shown that it is best to restore the hair vitamin B-3. It can be obtained by applying the masks, in which it is contained, or vitamin complexes.

Restore your hair as possible and with the help of folk remedies. For these purposes, you can use the nettle broth, which is able to give the hair a natural shine and nourish them useful elements


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