Правильно мыть голову и подобрать шампунь под ваши волосы


One of the most common procedures gigenicheskih humanity – wash and hair care.
It seems to be quite a common procedure, but have you ever asked the question – “Did I do it right?” No? This is what we will talk.

For many there is such a habit – do not bother about the timely care of hair, and then complain about the lack of health and beauty. It is not right.

Head washing is necessary as it is dirt, but avoid heavy accumulations of dust, dirt, skin secretions and other excessively harmful muck, which is a breeding ground for bacteria.

The regularity of this procedure is selected depending on the type of hair. For example, with greasy hair – 3-4 days for them to be too much and you get a little inflammation of thunderstorms.

2. shampoo.
You can fully use any shampoo, but if you wash your hair every day, then you can not hurt to consult, whether the products are suitable for daily hair care. If the fit – you can breathe easy. These shampoos are made the most delicate and neutral for your hair.

3. Another important rule.
One of the important factors – water temperature. The head is very useful to wash with cool water, it improves blood circulation and stimulates active hair growth. Just a great hair protection from harm, as opposed to hot water. Hot water to wash my hair is strictly prohibited, unless of course you want to have healthy hair. Excessive hot water leaches hair and activates the sebaceous glands.

The correct application of the shampoo – the guarantee of health of your hair.

It should take a little shampoo on the palm and spread it evenly across the skin of the head, trying to start from the ears and back of the check out. Try not to confuse your hair and less touch the tips, for they will be enough flowing foam. As it is necessary to be careful in his movements. Wash your hair neat massage movements without damaging nails scalp.

4. balms.
Many say that the balm can not be used on the scalp and it should be applied only to the ends of hair. It is a myth. Balsam can and should be applied to the entire length of hair including the roots. This is sure to provide the best effect. Balm actively helps your hair by smoothing the cuticle and the outer layer of hair that protects them from drying out and excessively brittle.

And in conclusion. There are many rules for the proper care of hair and just not enough resources for this, but by following such simple rules you will ensure your hair proper care and hair will be much healthier and more attractive. A healthy and beautiful hair – one of the first instruments of any beauty.



The most important condition – hair cleanliness. For a woman who has a dirty, greasy hair even look unpleasant. If you always go to the barber shop is not every woman can find the time and the means, then wash your hair, it can always.

To properly wash your hair and to choose the right shampoo for your hairIf a woman has greasy hair, then wash your hair there are two – three times a week, or even every day. Although some experts still do not recommend to wash so often, because more often wash oily hair, the faster they will get fat again.

Normal and dry hair wash once a week or once in ten – fifteen days.

When choosing a detergent for hair must take into account the condition of hair for this time period. There are shampoos for oily, dry and normal hair. And as for the thin and brittle, for colored and bright and many other shampoos. Also selected and balsams-conditioners. Most of the improper selection means hair fall ill, are cut, there is dandruff.

Before washing the hair must be well comb. Then the hair should be thoroughly rinsed to remove the precipitated dust on his head. Shampoo distribute on all head, washed all the hair and then rinsed well to wash away all the dirt and dust. Then shampoo is applied again to form a foam that is better to keep a lot of foam on the head about five minutes to all substances contained in detergents, have reached their goal. Then wash off the soap solution again. Some after shampooing still use balms-conditioners. When using the balm-conditioner should be remembered that they are of different species, some of which applied to the whole head completely, hold for five minutes and then washed off, while others applied only to the ends of her hair and immediately rinsed.

Very good hair rinse decoction of herbs. Generally, people courtship tools are very effective for hair. It is useful to rinse hair decoction of nettle and birch bark, roots horsetail, St. John’s wort, oak bark and various mixtures of herbs.

To strengthen the hair and improve their condition on the hair, you can do a variety of wraps and compresses. Basically they are made weak, trudnoprichesyvaemye, brittle hair. Packs applied to the hair, covered with a towel and hold for twenty minutes. Then, all funds deposited are washed thoroughly.

Lay the hair curlers and a hairdryer can be using a variety of means for hair styling, foam, gel, hairspray. It all depends on the individual habits and perception of each agent.

With proper hair care hair look smooth, have a healthy shine and natural beauty.




Hair – is the foundation of beauty, emphasizing her.

Television advertising is literally swept a wave of shampoos that promise to turn over a minute and lacking luster faded hair in silk magic wave that shines and glows health.

To properly wash your hair and to choose the right shampoo for your hairThe most important rule: do not rely solely on advertising.

Cosmetic market offers a huge range of shampoos that their “alluring” packages are fascinating and unusual ingredients in their composition, promises fascinating results.

First of all it must be remembered that this or that shampoo is not aimed at cleansing of the hair, while cleansing the scalp, as the structure of the hair is not affected by the presence of various oils and keratin or miraculous antioxidants, various complexes and proteins, because only root the hair is alive, and the hair – it is lifeless matter. Therefore, care should be directed to the health of the scalp, which begins with the selection of “his” shampoo.

Once in the store, there is a question about how to buy a vehicle, which is capable of, for example, get rid of dandruff, say goodbye to the “desert” on the head and forever put an end to split ends?

To solve the problems such as dandruff, dry / sensitive skin and oily skin, you need the right shampoo that can softly and gently cleanse the scalp. Purchase a variety of masks, oils and balms, hair restoration is aimed at, subjected to staining or “hot” resistance.

Oily scalp is characterized by the fact that the very next day after cleansing the hair they look like, they are not washed for a long time. This type of skin needs to use delicate and non-aggressive means which deeply moisturize and give volume. The use of nutrient resources is undesirable because the hair after use will be weighted and will become unsightly.

For dry / sensitive skin of the head is characterized by itching, irritation, indicating that the skin needs moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to stop the choice on the shampoo that will remove the irritation.

Dandruff – the problem, the roots of which lie in the use of the “wrong” shampoo for the solution of which is necessary to select a special (medical) shampoo, but also have the complementary masks and balms.

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