Many women know the recipes of home hair conditioners. This feature is very useful, because the air conditioning is not always made in an industrial plant can yield results that indicate on the package.


There is a way to bring the composition of homemade hair conditioner and purchase. It will also be based out of preservatives, which will contribute to a more long-term storage. But the composition of the hair products will be most famous. The base for the air conditioner is purchased in beauty salons or the mediators in a boarding school.

Nanesenie kondicionera na volosy 33 The resulting base heats thereafter the essential oil, which is most preferred. Supplement air conditioning vitamins and an extract of black pepper. The resulting consistency of whipped blender or mixer and place for some time to prepare. This is a classic recipe for the air conditioning, the ingredients can be changed depending on the preferences and the result that is expected from the air conditioner. The main thing to respect the right dosage.
There are certain rules for the use of air conditioners for the hair:


– Air conditioning has a creamy texture and its properties will be more effective if before using it to warm up his hands, and after he warms up, put on hair. It does not need much to pour on your hair, and only a small amount.


– Caregiver means applied to freshly washed wet hair.


– For the convenience of the application of the air conditioner, you can use a comb. So it will be easier to put it on the ends of her hair. In general, the air conditioner is recommended to be applied over the entire length of hair, but the tips you need it more than the roots, so that they were not as dry.


– Do not need to put a lot of money on the roots of the ear, as it will help to increase their fat, and your hair will be too heavy and ill to go to the hairstyle.


– Air conditioning for a long time on the hair as a mask, do not need to keep. It is washed off with cold water, not hot, otherwise the beneficial effect is neutralized, and the hair will not shine naturally.


Prepare a home air conditioner quite a laborious task. You can use the purchase-and, most importantly know how to use it and use it regularly. Then the hair will look natural and will get a good shine.



Since ancient times, we created a variety of ways to make natural hair, shine and strength. Cosmetic companies are developing more ways of hair care products. Also very useful are various home recipes of hair. Besides shampoo and various masks one of the main means of giving the hair a natural shine and acts as air conditioning. You can cook it at home, because air conditioners, which are produced in the industry, contain a sufficiently large amount of preservatives that are harmful to the hair. Therefore, air conditioning can be washed hair, prepared by yourself at home.


Prepare a home air conditioner is easy enough, only need to know the basic rules, which can be prepared using the caregiver remedy for hair.


Domestic air conditioners are different, depending on what action they should provide to the hair. Therefore, they are divided into those that moisturize, strengthen, give shine, protect, and air conditioning that can restore the structure of hair. The most popular are hair conditioners with moisturizing effect, besides, they are well nourish the hair and make them shiny.


To include moisturizing agents, prepared on the basis of nettles. A few tablespoons of dried nettle leaves pour 0.5 liters of water, add a teaspoon of vinegar and boil for a few minutes. The resulting infusion is filtered, cooled and applied to wet hair washed. Using the air conditioner made from nettle leaves, make hair shiny and strong.


honey-based Air do the following: chamomile pour boiling water and insist. Then add honey and rinse their hair Paulsen washing, then thoroughly rinsed with air conditioning.


Very good will nourish hair olive oil mixed with egg yolk and mayonnaise. After using the air conditioner, the hair should be thoroughly rinsed.


A good moisturizer, but it does not give the effect of weighting conditioner, prepared on the basis of gelatine, vinegar with the addition of jasmine and rosemary oils.


Recipes home air conditioners are many, the main thing to choose the right.

Guide to Building Conditioner for hair at home

Natural hair conditioner


The problem of hair loss is common among both men and women. Actually men suffer from this problem more than women. As a rule, in the early stages of hair loss do not pay attention. The patient begins to worry only when the problem is exacerbated and becomes visible. To avoid this, it is necessary to correct the start hazhivali hair. Conditioners can do wonders in reducing hair loss. According to recent reports by experienced physicians prescribe the use of salves for the treatment of thinning and hair loss.

Natural hair conditioner



In conventional kitchen can find a variety of ingredients for preparing effective hair conditioners.

  • Olive oil and avocado can give good results. They are well moisturize and help trap moisture.
  • You can clean the scalp rosemary oil, which helps to moisturize it.
  • Make a mixture by adding a small amount of vegetable oil in mayonnaise. This mixture acts as a good conditioner.
  • Essential oils – highly effective natural conditioners. Tea tree oil and jojoba oil are very popular and effective in this regard.
  • Henna is very famous for its conditioning properties. It can be used together with the yogurt.
  • Those who suffer from dandruff, you can squeeze a lemon on the scalp.
  • Foods such as nuts, beans, green vegetables help hair growth. Therefore, you should increase your intake of these items on a regular basis.

The use of home hair conditioners

Air conditioners that you prepare at home, you should rub massaged into the hair roots before washing. After applying the conditioner you need to roll up your head with a towel and wait 20 minutes. After washing your hair smooth and silky.

These tips will be able to help many people who are faced with the problem of dry hair. However, you should periodically visit clinics that provide hair treatments. In these hospitals have highly qualified professionals who will be able to accurately assess your problem and offer the best solution.


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