рецепт маски для волос



Almost all self-respecting girls and women are trying to give your hair a healthy, gorgeous and well-groomed appearance. Someone goes to this end in beauty salons, someone using professional care products, and some prefer to use a mask, prepared independently.

If your hair has been damaged by chemical processing, tools or hot in the sun, you should use a moisturizing and nourishing mask. Use a hair mask twice a week for maximum results.

Beauty requires our constant attention. So we must do everything comprehensively. For example, today the plan receiving a relaxing bath. Let’s “kill two birds with one stone.” Prepare fresh natural hair mask. Stood in front of the mirror, combed his hair and examined his hair. It is time for masks density of our hair. We use the grandmother’s advice in this matter.


Hair mask based on clay:

Therapeutic clay is sold in pharmacies and stores. It has the form of dry powders or pastes. Make a mask out of clay for hair and face at home – quite simply. Apply such a mask can be 2 times a week. Dilute the clay according to the instruction, to a thick state. Then apply the clay to damp hair and leave for 15 minutes. After this time, rinse with gradually while gently massaging the scalp.

Gelatine mask:

Simple and affordable, and quite an effective tool that will help restore damaged hair – this hair mask based zhelatina.V gelatin contains a natural protein (collagen), which fills the hair and covers his peculiar protective film. Ingredients for affordable and very easy to cook at home the very mask. The result of the use of masks can be compared with the effect of an expensive salon treatments.


Honey mask:

In natural honey contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins. The benefits of honey has been known since ancient times, no one doubts its medicinal properties. Honey with great success used in cosmetology. It has a chemical composition, which has beneficial effects on hair and skin, making hair soft and supple. Hair mask with honey is used for medicinal purposes.


Fruit hair mask:

Most good time for hair restoration is the time to summer – the period of fruits and berries, which contain nutrients.


The mask of aloe juice:

In the houses of almost every window sill can be found on aloe, called more as agave. In addition to medicinal properties, which has given its nature, it is a beneficial effect on the hair and scalp. There are different formulations for a particular type of hair. But all of them are effective.


Mask of mustard:

Means, home-cooked with mustard, perfect for dry, brittle, gray and lifeless hair. Mustard mask stimulating hair growth, always contains the substance through the action which improves blood circulation in the scalp, resulting in the power of the hair follicle. These masks are the natural mask of mustard.


Mask of rosemary:

Rosemary is often used as a spice for meat dishes, but it is also regarded as an effective remedy for the treatment of hair, which can slow down premature hair loss by stimulating hair follicles. Furthermore, this plant can deliver dandruff, dryness and itching of the scalp.

Recipes there is a huge number, and it is only a small part, of the amount which effectively invented and used in the home.

Self-strengthening hair with the right approach and constant use exhibits high efficiency. However, most women usually do not have time and energy, but you can always find plenty of reasons to justify the refusal to use simple home recipes. In this case, night hair mask is the perfect solution. You sleep, and mask works!

Women have always tried to look beautiful, beauty also depends on a healthy shine to the hair, not always great hair we got from nature, it is not necessary for this to be upset, because you need only to know how to take care of them and make a variety of masks that will help revitalize your hair.

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