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An essential attribute of feminine beauty is a clean, smooth, tender skin without hair. Today offers a lot of ways to solve this problem, but one of the first well-deserved is waxing.

Shaving leads to cuts, and ingrown hairs, causing irritation. After shaving the hair becomes hard and grow much faster. In addition to comfortable feel, we have to resort to shaving every day, paying no little time. Other methods require a visit to a beauty salon and cost a lot of money.

Waxing is a very popular, modern means to get rid of unwanted hair. its advantage lies in the duration of the effect until 3-4 weeks after one treatment, and need to resort to shaving every day, besides hair removal does not cause cuts and does not injure the skin.

To begin to prepare everything you need: special paper for hair removal, wax or wax strips.

It should be noted that the hairs should be longer than 5 mm. otherwise the procedure can not lead to the desired results, nothing will cause discomfort. Before the procedure, take a bath, it will open the pores and soften the hairs, which greatly facilitates the hair removal procedure. Next, wash the skin with soap and water where the hair removal will be carried out and ensure that the skin is degreased, then a towel to remove any remaining moisture.

All the different types of human skin and hair. . You also need to take into account the place where you want to get rid of the hair, the skin on all parts of the body is also different, so the wax still need to pick, depending on where the hair will be removed. Today there are many types of wax to meet all these requirements.

Next, we need to prepare the wax. According to his instructions, you can warm up in a water bath or in a microwave oven.

Make sure that the wax is not overheated and its temperature does not cause burns to your skin. Next, wax is applied in the direction of hair growth evenly. Then, proceed quickly to the wax is not frozen, putting a strip of wax paper to wax and tightly wrought its presses, wait some time to wax completely froze. If you use wax strips wax has suffered, then just warming up their hands, stick to the treated area. Then, press down with one hand the skin near the edge of the strip, for which you will pull. Firmly grab the end of the strip and a sharp movement tear it against the hair growth. If the quality of the skin surface does not satisfy you, do the operation, but no more than three times on the same area of skin. In order to alleviate the suffering, you can soothe the skin, rubbing her pre-prepared ice cube.

After the procedure, wash treated skin under cold water. Then be sure to disinfect the skin, and then lubricate the skin Special soothing milk

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1. Choose the right day
Women are more susceptible to pain sensations in the 2nd half of the cycle, so assign a session of hair removal for the first decade. Hormonal fluctuations have a significant impact on the female body, so the frequency of procedures should not be ignored.

2. Stay calm
If you are under stress, even the weakest pain may seem terrible anguish. Wait until the excitement subside, or take a light sedative just before a visit to the salon. Take your stress under control and try to defeat him: take it a rule to get enough sleep, eat right and carry at least a minimum of exercise. Cortisol levels in your body will go into decline and painful hair removal does not seem so painful.

3. Good little
If you are going to handle multiple zones, do not try to do everything at once. Spread a few sessions, it will provide an opportunity to get used to the pain and feel it is not as acute. Endure several times a little bit easier.

4. Make peeling
One day prior to waxing, treat the skin soft scrub. So you remove dead cells from the skin and make the hair removal process much easier.

5. Look to the master
A good master has knowledge not only in the field of hair removal, but also in psychology. During painful procedures qualified specialist able to entertain a client conversations, music or TV and distract him from unpleasant oschuscheniy.Esli your master that can not – it is better to find another.

6. Make a choice in favor of the solid wax
It has a softer structure, as strange as it sounds, and removes hair much softer and painless.

7. Drink analgesic
For half an hour before the procedure take analgesic tablet, such as during a migraine.

8. Breathe deeply
In the most crucial moment, when the wizard starts to remove wax, slowly inhale and exhale sharply. At the time of expiration pain is felt less keenly.

9. cough
At the moment of pain and force yourself to cough discomfort noticeably softened. Admission is quite strange, but the main thing to make it work, right?

10. Relax
No, relax and have fun is unlikely, even if you are an expert on meditation, but relax the muscles of the body, you make it easier for hair removal and the process will take a lot easier and faster.

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