Пудра для волос

Powder for hair

Powder is not so long ago appeared on the shelves of shops selling hair products. It is used in their everyday life many women. Powder for hair, there are several types, each of which has its own characteristics.

Types of hair powder

The following types of powder for hair:

1. Modeling powder. Its distinctive feature is the ability to replace gels, varnishes and mousse for hair styling, not leaving the weights and matted locks. It is especially good for those girls who have naturally thin straight hair. As a rule, this type of hair is very bad keeps laying, it is enough just a few hours. Modeling hair powder will be an excellent replacement for the usual means. Of course, use it can and holders of other types of hair. This type of powder for hair helps to achieve a good basal volume. Launched at the same time laying looks light and airy. Also, this type of powder helps to keep hair clean between washes. For example, you urgently need to get out of the house, and wash your hair is not enough time. Then you can apply the powder to dry hair and comb it. This tool removes shine. It is not recommended to use the modeling powder owners of very dark hair, as it can be visible to them. Another disadvantage is that you have to use more shampoo when you come wash my hair.

Types of hair powder

2. Coloured powder. This type is suitable for those girls who like to experiment. Plus colored powder is that it can help to change the shade of hair, without causing them harm to the. Apply it means not all the hair, but only on the individual strands. This will be the ideal choice for a holiday or a party.

3. Clarifying powder. Unlike the first two embodiments, this type of hair powder aggressively acts on them. It contains a lot of bases and lightens hair 6-8 tones. A feature of the bleaching powder is that when it is not applied on the hair color of yellow. If modeling and colored powder used as a standalone tool, then powder-mixed bleach with an oxidizing agent. The composition is applied to the hair and keeps the period of time required to obtain the desired effect. In order not to hurt his hair, trying to become a blonde at home, better head to the salon or barber shop and entrust this question the professional.

Stamps powder for hair

In stores you can find a large amount of hair. However, particular preference is given to the following approved manufacturer of powdered hair – Kevin Murphy, Osis, Matrix. They produce a color, modeling and Clarifying powder for hair, tested a variety of clients, and have a positive feedback from professionals.

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