подготовить волосы к лету


So it’s time to begin the long days, short nights of heat and bright sunshine! Want to quickly remove the boring jackets, hats, wear sunglasses and shaking a luxurious head of hair, to go towards new adventures! But the only thing is that sometimes revive long shiny locks out not as effectively as would have liked, due to not such a gorgeous and their kind. What is the cause and how to fight it?

From the bright sun, the hair becomes brittle, it is necessary to refuseThe cold season in itself is stressful for all of our body, including the skin, nails, and especially hair. Hair winter – the real test! Constant temperature change when we go out on the wind, snow and frost, then go to a warm place, while forgetting to hide your favorite curls under the cap, and then not putting it negatively affects their appearance and structure. They become thin, brittle, the ends are cut. Not the best view, right? And in the spring added such unpleasant problem as beriberi, which further exacerbates the situation. And if we add here also the consistent use of any ploek, irons, hair dryers, mousses and varnishes for packing, then the situation becomes altogether sad. What to do and how to save your favorite hair in such a situation.

First, no matter how strange it may sound, you need to identify the problem. That is, you need to determine what exactly happened with the hair: either they become dry or fatty, or brittle or thin and brittle at the same time. And based on this, it is necessary to take measures to save them.

Second, have already identified a problem, you need to use the funds which suit your hair type. Come to the aid of masks, balms, creams, serums, conditioners, and so on.

Third, in the spring, it is desirable to make a light cut, removing the damaged ends. Especially popular are the spring hairstyle with hot scissors. Indeed, during this procedure, each hair cut is sealed by these same hot scissors that helps prevent re-section of hair for a long time. But from staining, and even more perm at this time should be abandoned, because it is a lot of stress for the hair, and they are in the spring and so suffer quite a lot.

And the last advice that should not miss on deaf ears – try not to aggravate the situation. This refers to, do not just with the advent of bright sun to throw his hat into the far corner of the cabinet. The hair should get used to the new temperature. Transition should be carried out gradually – first warm winter hat, then demi, and then proceed on the state of health. It is also desirable to abandon the use of the same hair dryers, ploek and forceps. Hair should be dry natural way. In addition, in any case can not be washed only to comb wet hair. But if after all there is a need to quickly dry hair, use only the cold air flow mode. And never go out, especially at low temperatures or wind with nedosushennymi hair. This act threatens not only bad hair outside view, but also serious diseases of the head!

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