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Women are always trying to look well-groomed. This concept includes many aspects, but one of the most important – is the removal of unwanted vegetation on the body. Unlike men, women mercilessly struggling with unwanted hair on the ground. But on the way to perfection and smooth the skin often becomes a nuisance, such as ingrown hairs. Not familiar with this problem carries very few people, but because the recipe intensive care against ingrown hair is very useful to many.

Immediately, we note that to get rid of ingrown hair you entirely unlikely, if we have caught this problem. But their number is significantly reduced, down to the minimum, can be easy.

So, immediately after hair removal, wash your feet with antibacterial soap. It is advisable to then wash skin with some tincture of herbs (chamomile, St. John’s wort, plantain). Then give the skin a little rest. After about 30-40 minutes, rub into the skin of an anti-inflammatory cream. Even after the same time interval, use the cream to retard hair growth.

Use both of a cream in the same sequence to be two days after epilation twice a day, morning and evening. After two days, you can continue to the next step. About once every two days, be sure to massage the foot scrub, the better rough. This procedure will help to ensure that the hair is slowly but surely growing in the direction of the skin surface rather than grow into it.

After the scrub and use anti-inflammatory cream, and to slow the growth of hair cream. You’ll see in a couple of weeks, when new hair grow back on my feet a little bit, the number of ingrown hairs cut. But this should not stop there. Use this “therapy” after each hair removal, ingrown hairs and the problem will cease to be so significant for you.


Most women who use different methods of hair removal and hair removal, such as a razor, hair removal wax, epilator, cream, a problem known as ingrown hairs. Why does hair grow and how to deal with such a problem, you will learn in this article.

There are many factors that affect the growing hair, but the basic is:

  1.      a very dense layer of the epidermis
  2.      changes in hormonal background, which occur due to the surge of estrogen hormone, most often this factor appears during the menstrual cycle.
  3.      damaged hair caused by the most epilation
  4.      injury hair in the investigation procedure conducted properly
  5.      shave against the hair growth

The most popular way to remove ingrown hairs at home is to remove the needle. But such a procedure is necessary to be very careful and disinfect the needle and place of the procedure.

The best way to prevent such a problem is a thorough skin otshelushevanie. For this we need a good steam the skin in the shower and put on your skin exfoliation, massaging, so you remove the top layer consists of dead cells, due to which the hair can not go outside. Instead of a scrub, you can use a special mitten or use hard sponge. Scrub the need to buy, you can use the usual ingredients that you have at home, for example, coffee guschu.Pomnite, if the skin is inflamed after hair removal, exfoliation is impossible to do, since you even more to damage the skin.

Another important point is to use special aftershave. This is different tonics and lotions that will slow the growth of hair and relieve the skin from redness and dryness.

Ingrown hair can be accompanied by pus and such inflammation will look like a pimple, so if that is the case, then such places put special agent of acne, such as salicylic acid, which will dry inflammation, and when it will take place, you will be able to remove an ingrown hair.

Do not forget that the clothes also plays an important role in this issue. If you will be wearing very tight clothes, but still made with synthetic fabrics, the skin can not breathe, the pores are clogged and the problem is sure to have you back there.

The best way to prevent ingrown hairs will be rigorously conducted epilation. Prior to epilation, you should carefully to steam and soften the skin, use a special foam for the procedure, but if you use a razor, then pay attention to the sharpness of the blade if it is mortar, it is better to change it. Do the procedure only for the growth of hair, not shave one area too often, so you injure the skin. Remember that properly carry out the procedure easier than to spend time and energy to fight ingrown hairs.

problem of ingrown hairs


IPL – one of the most popular procedures among women, because with its help you can easily get rid of unwanted hair growth for a long period of time. This procedure is carried out mainly in the salons, and one of its main advantages among other similar is that it is suitable for all skin types, because in this case is the impact directly on the root of the hair, not the skin, as epilation gives education opportunities ingrown hair.

Basically, to make such a procedure is possible in any beauty salon and many women have resorted to this method is the struggle for beauty. But recently photoepilation became possible to do without leaving the house, it is enough to just buy photoepilator for home use.

Produced epilation through intensive light radiation that violates the hair structure, thins it and contributes to its brittleness and loss, which leads to the fact that the hairs grow very rarely, and become virtually invisible. However, the long and the best effect is observed after a few such procedures at short intervals. It depends on the individual characteristics and physiology of each individual.

Laser hair removal is harmless (the light effect on the skin does not contain UV rays) and practically painless (a cooling system).

The procedure can be done even if the hair is not reached over the length of 4.3 mm, otherwise the hair trimmed to the desired size, but not shaved. After that, the hair removal area is placed a special nozzle, and produced a pulse in which patients feel a slight warmth. This happens in a matter of minutes, so this type of hair removal is considered to be a fast, convenient, reliable and comfortable.

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