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The use of burdock in the care of hair for cosmetic purposes

On the scalp sebaceous glands are located, through which there is an accumulation of fat. Depending on its intensity release hair divided into normal, dry and oily. It is necessary to take care of any hair, so they are pleased with their appearance.

Burdock is perfect for this purpose. burdock root is used very often in the care of hair and is rare – the trunk with leaves. Inulin, oil, acids, mucus, carotene and other substances found in burdock root.

Boil burdock entirely in the water and leave to cool. The broth is filtered through cheesecloth and apply hot rinsing or washing hair; They grow faster and become strong, silky, with a brilliant hue.

This council also strengthen the hair roots and strengthen their growth. Dry burdock root is ground, take a handful, and fill them half a liter of boiling water. Long boil to simmer the mixture, cooled and filtered. In a clean scalp to rub infusion followed by rinsing. Just smoem hair preparation of the composition. This original folk remedy strengthens hair.

From the roots of burdock is prepared broth. As in the previous tip, squeezing the liquid from the bulb. Take the six parts of broth, four – onion juice, one part vodka, all carefully agitated and rub it means the skin several times a week.

If found strands of gray in her hair, and they fall rapidly, produce a decoction. The root of the burdock shred, mix two spoons take on half a liter of water. All evaporated to half the volume on low heat. We add a little fennel seeds, leave to cool for about two hours. Strain and use for cosmetic purposes for several months. In the evening, every day, massaging the scalp this broth.

To prevent hair loss help to such a procedure. A spoonful of burdock roots and two – dry marigold finely ground, water pour a liter, we maintain one-third of an hour on low heat. Filtering, to rub infusion into the skin twice a week, or use it to rinse them clean hair.

For thin and slow-growing hair perform such advice. One hundred grams of fresh chopped burdock roots leave in a glass of oil a day, a little boil on low heat, cool and filter. Got Currently burdock oil. They are well lubricates the hair, sheltering cellophane and wrapped a bath towel for five hours. Then wash your hair well.

We pay your hair a few minutes in the morning and evening. We comb them in different directions and the direction of a special brush or comb. Remove massage the pain in the head and nervous excitement.

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