рецепты для шикарных волос



It’s no secret that the hair as well as facial skin, require proper and thorough care. But excessive hair loss is often said about the oversights related to the own hair, although there are exceptions, and related diseases.

Since ancient times it was believed that the hair – this is the most attractive and charming part of every girl, moreover there is a belief that hair intertwined with cosmic energy, even able to retain all the information accumulated over a lifetime.

However, not all the girls and women really know about the proper care for their hair. Sometimes on our actions and simply from ignorance of the suffering is the hair that we so take care, Holim and cherish. As the body in general and hair needs vitamins that support the overall condition of the hair or scalp. In addition, the health of hair depends on our food. Eat need to properly and efficiently!

For hair to care constantly and always keep them clean!


Several requests that should comply with the time:


* Try to wash your hair with warm water only, but not hot.

* Protect your hair from excessive external influence, so to speak from frost and cold, from the heat and sun.

* Try to at least use a hair dryer, and use natural sources.

* Never brush your hair being wet!

* Carefully bulge cosmetic products, it is suitable for your hair, that is to your hair type.

* Pay attention to the combs themselves: they must not damage the scalp and, of course, your hair.

* More pamper your hair: make a variety of masks, use balms and hair conditioners and the like!

* Do not wash your hair every day, at least several times a week.

* Use and homemade cosmetics for hair homemade.
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A hair tonic to help the following recipes:


a. Nettle

Crushed nettle leaves – 100 grams,

Water common – half a liter,

Vinegar – half a liter.

All components are mixed and boiled for half an hour at low heat. Naturally, the broth is filtered and used for the night. By the way, the recipe is originally from Bulgaria.

b. Honey

Natural honey – 2 tablespoons,

Water boiled warm – 1 liter.

Honey is thoroughly mixed with water and ready solution soak the hair and scalp. The solution adopted to use no more than two times per week.

c. Of course, do not forget about the castor oil, which usually smeared hair tips or rubbed into the scalp.

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