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Cosmetic market gives owners of the fair sex a wide variety of cosmetic products for hair care, so that they grew faster, were lush and thick hair. However, it should be noted that their composition includes chemical additives greater than natural that are harmful to the skin surface of the head. For example, bought a mask should be exactly as instructed to keep on his head, that chemicals have not started to backfire. However, if you have the opportunity and the schedule allows, you can prepare yourself at home. Cooked mask homes have numerous advantages. They have beneficial effects on hair, they are easy to manufacture and apply. An important advantage of home remedies is to save money. However, it is worth remembering that you need to prepare a mask with its own type of the hair, it was then that the benefits will be felt.

Perhaps you can often hear about the virtues of castor oil. Masks based on Castor is an excellent tool for strengthening the hair structure. The most effective product that not only helps to promote hair growth, but also lashes. And the most important function of the mask of castor can be identified circulatory stimulation. And worth noting that this oil find quite easy and affordable.

Castor oil can be used alone, and it is possible to use it with other products.

How to apply castor in its purest form?

Means must be warm in a water bath and then massage movements to rub the hair roots. The head should wrap a soft towel and hold for half an hour. After rubbing should be thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo. Of course, it is difficult to wash off the oil, but the procedure is such action. After several treatments, the result will not take long. Hair become more dense and long way.

This tool can be used together with the lemon juice and vodka. The resulting solution reduces a hair fall and enhances their growth. Vodka heats the skin surface, which makes the activation of the hair follicles and helps to further strengthen Kastoria, and the lemon is useful in vitamin C, which is lacking in the body. And if you say briefly about this mask features, it moisturises, nourishes and satiates useful substances. How to apply? All the necessary products should be mixed in equal proportions and spread to the scalp before showering. The best effect can be achieved if longer hold the solution on the head. Rinse, of course, should be thoroughly and shampoo. If you do regular mask, it will be possible to see how the hair gained liveliness and density to grow have become much faster.

Castor oil – oil produced from castor beans. Butter inherent yellow color and pungent smell. The composition of the oil as follows: 85% – ricin acid, 2% opeinovaya, 1% – linoleic and other acids.

What is the use of castor oil?


  1. Reduces scaling and removes dry skin
  2. Good whitens age spots, freckles and skin in general
  3. It evens skin tone and irregularities
  4. Able to eliminate fine lines
  5. It strengthens the hair bulb


Effect of castor oil on your hair


This oil is very effective for the treatment, especially damaged, prone to dry and brittle hair. The mask moisturizes and combats dry skin and split ends.


Recipe mask of castor oil


You need: oil, terry Towelie, shower cap or poleytelen shampoo.

Oil is applied to the roots and the scalp and rubbed uniformly distributed throughout the head skin. After that the hair covered poleytelenom, and top with a towel. Leave minutes 15. Then it all properly washed using shampoo. Use Cycle: 1 once a week, 5-8 weeks duration. Castor oil for masks and other essential oils diluted. For example, burdock, and so on.

Regular use of masks helps:

• Make hair growth.
• Prevents brittle;
• Density and shine.
• Prevent dry skin;
• Gives hair a healthy appearance.


Castor oil and eyebrows


Castor oil has beneficial effects on the eyebrows. With constant use of well-groomed eyebrows gain.


application technology


  1. Leather and eyebrows must be pre-cleaned (preferably baby shampoo)
  2. Prepare a cotton swab, moisten it in oil and apply on the eyebrows. Applying a layer to be thin
  3. Sutra wash his face and eyebrows processed cold and then warm water


Castor oil and eyelashes


The oil is popular in the care of eyelashes. It can make the hair skinny, thanks to cilia will look thicker.

application technology


  • Brush should be cleaned from the old carcasses
  • The face should be clean and without makeup. Lower prepared, clean the brush in castor oil, and a thin layer applied to the eyelashes
  • The technology of applying a similar application of mascara. The main thing to avoid contact with eyes
  • This procedure is done at night. To sleep in the pillow is not recommended. Sutra rinse everything well


For allergy sufferers, the oil is not recommended to use. It is necessary to try that oil would in any case did not fall into the eyes as it can cause conjunctivitis.




Woman and hair are two inseparable halves. Beautiful, well-groomed hair always looks chic and of course require appropriate care. Today, a lot of cosmetic products and salon treatments for the care, rehabilitation, strengthening and moisturizing the hair. In the composition of which includes oils, vitamins, and various herbs (chamomile, nettle, plantain, burdock), that surround us in everyday life. Let us remember the girls from villages, they have thick, long, healthy and beautiful hair radiant health. You may ask: what is the secret? The answer is simple: the nature and its generous gifts and say, “Grandma’s methods.”


“Grandma’s methods”


Most women suffering from hair loss, so that you forget all that it is, using an ordinary onions. Take an onion, rub on a grater in the ordinary gauze or a handkerchief, press and you have a net onion juice. Rub into the roots, and then wrap the bag and wash off (shampoo) in an hour. This procedure can be done once or twice a week. You can also use a decoction of onion peel. Remember, this procedure is effective though, as a side effect is. It is the smell. When hair is dry, nothing to worry about, but if you get caught in the rain or for some other reason, wet hair, the smell of onions is not weak.

In order to strengthen the hair, to help you: the egg (yolk rub into the roots and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse), rye bread (just rub the pulp), kefir or yogurt (preferably organic), applied across the length and keep forty minutes, dining mustard mixed with egg yolk (1-2 pcs.). Another very useful to add in shampoo or balm gelatin. You buy in a drugstore burdock, castor, grape, pine oil, and also in the roots.


Gifts of nature


Enrich your hair a variety of vitamins, herbs can help. Everyone knows that the nettle is rich in nutrients, and plantain, chamomile, burdock, linden leaves. They just need to zaparivat boiling water and rinse your hair with every wash. Vinegar will add shine, one tablespoon per gallon of water. If you follow all of the above ways, then you will have a perfect hair and a minimum of cost.

Of course it must be remembered that the hair after washing should be dried naturally, not a hairdryer. Do not use curling irons often as they burn the hair and they become brittle. If you have long hair, braid them overnight in a braid, also from fragility. From the split ends, the salvation of only a pair of scissors. Instead of hair spray, use a simple sweet vodichku, when used properly (sprayed, not pour on your hair), it is much more effective than varnish. For the volume at the roots, fix hair curlers, not fleece (very bad), massage the scalp with your fingers, ten minutes on a daily basis, the growth of hair is guaranteed. I love your hair, take care of them properly. Healthy and well-groomed hair highlight the beauty of women of all ages.

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