Как снять нарощенные волосы с головы дома


The beauty demands victims. The truth is known already more than one generation of women. But sometimes the victim is too large and themselves do not justify. Hoping for thick and long hair, many women go to the salon for this procedure as capacity. But not always a full head of hair in joy.

What types of treatments exist?

There are several technologies:

  •  microcapsular
  •  treskova
  •   on clips
  •   tape

Microcapsule is that the strands are attached through located on the ends of the capsules of keratin. They attach securely, it is almost invisible.

How to remove hair extensions from the head of the house, increasing the strandsWhen tissovoe technology across the head braided in small braids, which are literally sewn with needle “hair pieces” – woven strands. This is one of the safest methods.

Building extensions is that the hair is passed through a ring, on which there are locks, and after it is clamped. More than other mounting methods, but this technology does not require thermal processing.

The fastest way to add volume and fullness to the hair – band technique. Mounted on a special tape. A fairly safe method, but only if you are using a very high quality glue.


Why I want to remove the strands?

Keratin strands are attached so that the heavily overburdening the hair. Therefore, with the increasing number increases the weight. For the head it’s a pretty heavy burden. Extensions strands pulling natural, therefore, salon treatment can cause frequent headaches. And the only way to get rid of this will be to remove them.

Artificial hair can hurt the present. The building is not completely harmless. For example, fastening with keratin capsules. That they kept, the capsules are heated to high temperatures. If you ever spoil a hairstyle from the inadvertent use of a flat iron or Curling iron, you realize that there is a risk to burn your own hair. Ring clips can pinch, which she is very severely affected.

Another pitfall of this seemingly attractive procedure is the ability to make the wrong choice in the wizard. It is very important to take into account the structure of the strands when attached capsule. If they are too thin to hold very spoiled. Damaged hair follicles, in addition, a portion of the weakened strands could simply fall out. And in the end, instead of a lush head of hair will have to settle for your thinning hair. Not to mention what the price of the treatment.

The building procedure is not for the lazy. It needs to be repeated every three months to keep your hair from tangling. Because of this, it loses its form. It is also important to properly wash my hair. Be sure to thoroughly rascalities before washing. Lean forward to wash your hair, it is not necessary – this will lead to severe tangling. The water should flow from the top down. Immediately after the shower, comb my hair, as it can damage the extensions.

The most common reason that I want to not get rid of his hair is a woman’s desire to change his way. From hairstyles depends on how she feels. And sometimes step into a new life – a change in appearance. First of all – hairstyles. Not always there is time and desire to enroll in the salon. Cheaper and faster to do it at home.

Methods to remove buildup

How to remove hair extensions from the head of the house, increasing the strandsIf you do not have the ability or desire to sign up to the master, then you can get rid of the boring hairstyles and home. There are several ways how to remove hair extensions at home. They depend on technology.

Microcapsules to remove the most difficult. Here without the special fluid is not necessary. It should be just to remove the build up and very good quality. The liquid should be applied to the capsule and leave it for twenty minutes. After necessarily apply a nourishing mask. This is the safest way to remove hair extensions with keratin technology. You can often find tips, where I propose to put on the microcapsules alcohol, and then “burn” them a few times. Only this method will not only remove naroscheny strands, but at the same time part of your family.

Tissovoe is removed very simply. True, and for a very long time. Carefully replicates. It is best to take the help because it will be problematic to remove them.

Clip removable forceps. Budget option – nail clippers. Strands will need them to eat. But be prepared for the fact that they will lose large number of its own. If you have decided once to do the build in clips, it is better to contact the salon. There you will remove the false locks as possible.

If you did the procedure in tape technology, there is a simple way to remove the hair extensions. The tape technology is fairly simple to implement, and it can be removed is also quite simple. Heat with a hair dryer the adhesive tape to which are attached strands, and then gently remove them. To remove excess glue, you should use the liquid it is removed. Suitable alcohol, if your hair is strong enough by nature. If you constantly suffer from split ends, which look weak and lifeless, it is worth to spend money on a special tool.

How to return your hair to its former strength?

Remember that when you get rid of artificial hair, the main thing is to keep your own. Take them off carefully, do not stint on quality of care. You can prepare a special composition for the recovery of the bulbs at home.

First and foremost, pick the right shampoo. Choose gentle products, for which there are labelling “restore” and “nutrition”. It is advisable to choose the shampoo that contains nourishing oils. Be sure to use the balm, it has a revitalizing effect. You should also at least once a week to do a mask.

For example, vitamin. Take half a Cup of yogurt, a spoonful of castor oil, a few tablespoons of olive, add a couple drops of vitamins. Capsules can be bought at a pharmacy or specialty store that sells grooming products. You need vitamins such as B1, B6, B12. The mixture should be heated in a water bath, vitamins to drip last. The mixture should hold on the head for about an hour, covered with foil and a towel. Rinse it with shampoo.

Well restores gelatin. Mask based on this ingredient will be very simple. Leave the gelatine half an hour in water that it is swollen. Add the egg yolk and a little shampoo. Should be left under the foil and towels for approximately half an hour. Wash is plenty of water.

Hair becomes strong and soft if make a mask based on yogurt and olive oil. In a glass of buttermilk is to add a few tablespoons of warmed butter. The mixture should be rubbed into the roots and then distribute on all length. Leave for half an hour under foil and a towel, then rinse with shampoo.

You can slightly touch up the roots and to strengthen them after a failed build. A small amount of henna or Basma pour hot water. Then apply to wet strands. Leave the mixture for half an hour, after rinse with water.

Effectively helps in restoring follicles mask of sour cream. It nourishes and fills them with power.

If the building is very badly damaged, you should stimulate the blood circulation to the head. Due to this, the cells are saturated with oxygen, and you have to recover them, do your hair a lot thicker and stronger. To do this, mix oil, onion juice and cognac. RUB a mixture into the scalp massage movements. When will the hour, you should wash it with shampoo. You should not do this mask if the scalp is damaged as it will burn much.

Take care of your hair, and then it will be thick and silky without hair extensions.

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