Hot air is greatly harms the hair, makes them dull, brittle and lifeless. But even without the hair dryer is almost impossible to put your hair beautifully. To keep strands healthy, there are a few rules:

fen volos 33Choose hair one of the most important points
In qualitative dryer has several modes of temperature and air pressure, allowing you to choose the right mode for your hair type and method of installation. For gentle treatment is better to choose warm or cool mode, with which the hair does not spoil, but drying will last a little longer.

Remove excess moisture
The biggest mistake to dry wet head. The hair should be wet towel, or just give a little dry in a natural way.
Styling hair is not worth saving, it may affect the quality of installation.

Comb and divide hair into strands
Comb need to remove hair confusion. Tumble dry at a small distance apart every strand, pulling her hairbrush. Thus, drying is fast and neat haircut.

You need to pull up to comb strands of hair were voluminous.
Various tips on hair to help not only beautifully put hair and dry them faster, directing a jet of air at a specific, desired area of the head. With the diffuser you much faster dry strands, t. To. He will raise the plastic teeth hair strands and blows from all sides.

Use oil
During use hairdryer drying oils, especially if the hair is dry. This will help avoid posechennyh ends and hair breakage, the tips will make flexible and shiny. It will give a healthy look. The roots should be avoided.

If the hair was electrified, you need to pound in his hands a little hair gel, slightly larger than a pea, and rub over the entire length haircuts, special attention should be paid to the tips.

Approximately drying and laying out a little more than half an hour, but the result is worth it.


Every woman regularly uses a hairdryer. But you must admit that it’s not just your assistant, but the enemy of hair. Of course, to reduce damage from frequent use of the hair dryer can, but only when it is used correctly to avoid damaging the hair.

For example, when you dry very wet hair and do while stacking, install the dryer on low speed mode, at first, so your hair will give a natural shine, secondly, will not burn. Women who have a pronounced tendency to hair loss, and those who often complains of dryness and brittleness of hair structure, you need to be sure to use a thermal protection spray.

Stylists and doctors are advised not to dry hair and to do packing almost immediately after you come out of the bathroom with wet hair. Wait until they are a little dry, wrap them in a towel dry a little and only then use the hair dryer.

Never do styling on dry hair. If you have dry hair, but you need to make a blow-dry, first moisten them slightly and use a thermal protection spray and mousse for hair styling to protect hair from damage.

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