Hair conditioner is needed to neutralize alkaline shampoo, hard water, and just to make hair softer and silkier.

Types of air conditioners

The classification looks like this:

  • – Balms-conditioners;
  • – Masochki;
  • – Air conditioning is not podlegayuschie wash;
  • – Acidifiers;
  • – Balms for shade;
  • – Protection from the sun’s rays;
  • – From the temperature differential protection;
  • – Hot oil.

All of these impacts on the hair in different ways and have a different composition from each other.


We need to maintain the normal condition of the hair, so they are not rushed when combing and were bright and silky-smooth.

Most often in the composition are: surfactants (for better brushing); silicones (for brightness); softeners; polymer and thickening components (to desired consistency). Apply on the need to clean wet hair, then five minutes later it washed.

Masks hair conditioners

Masks hair conditioners


Applied to strengthen weak hair. They contain amino acids and proteins restores the hair, penetrating into the damaged areas,
and fatty acids and alcohols, esters and oils soften the hair.


The mask is applied for 18-20 min., And the head is insulated. Apply such a mask to prevent, can be dangerous when completely healthy hair.
Moisturizing masks are used to treat damaged hair overdried.

Their composition can be seen:

  • – Fatty components and vitamin complexes (for moisture);
  • – Silicone, extracts and synthetic compounds (for fastening);
  • – Panthenol (vit c B for mitigation..);
  • – Material (for easy combing).

Masochki for colored hair retain color fastness, protected from leaching, as well as revitalize hair.

They include:

  • – Protein hydrolysis. (To fill the pores);
  • – Emollients and moisturizers;
  • – Silicones (fixed color);
  • – UV filters (prevent fading in the sun)

Leave-on products

Designed to protect your hair from breakage, increase and facilitate combing. They are applied after shampooing on wet hair styling before or never washed. There are two-phase and single-phase sprays. They soften the hair is saturated with moisture and vitamins, make obedient, glossed.

Other tools

Cover hair acidifiers to neutralize the alkali, which appeared after the chemical procedures (himzavivki, straightening, coloring).

Heat protective balms for hair protect them from drying out during installation or in the sun. Hot oil applied to the weak lifeless hair to return them to a healthy appearance and brightness of the colors and use them to strengthen the scalp and get rid of dandruff. The purpose of using a toning conditioner – hair coloring and conditioning. It is able to set off, to revive hair color, improve the color of dull and faded hair without causing them any harm.


Hair conditioner - it is a product that should improve the structure and appearance of hairHair conditioner – it is a product that should improve the structure and appearance of hair. He, unlike the shampoo, are not washed off completely, giving hair the desired appearance. Most people use this product because your hair is – the only thing for which you do not want squeaky clean. The real function of a good hair conditioner to treat hair after washing and facilitate the next process of caring for them: combing, drying, curling, straightening, etc…

Conditioners as shampoos, are of various kinds. Again, you can find products that are designed to achieve the result that you seek. Although the original purpose of air conditioners simply easier for you to comb the hair clean, well now you can get that will help to solve one of the many possible problems. You need to moisturize and restore hair, facilitate combing and make them shine, and may be, to protect from the sun? You have hard or highly curly hair is very dry or, on the contrary, very good, or maybe thinning, curly or colored? For you have a product! Just remember that the air conditioning is on the hair, it must be more to dry hair and a bit for normal to give them a shine and luster.

If you have curly, coarse, dry or damaged hair, try to apply it each time after washing or just to wet hair. Obviously, moisturizing conditioner is best for you. You can also consider air conditioners for softening the scalp. Healthy or soft hair can actually do without air conditioning. You just need a means to facilitate combing, if this is your problem. If you use the air conditioner, be sure to apply it only on the ends to the middle of the hair. This avoids undesirable greasy oily effect.


  • – For best results, apply conditioner to wet hair after you have squeezed out most of the water.
  • – Take a bit of conditioner in your hand and treat your hair. For normal hair needs to start from the middle and down to the tips. For dry scalp and very dry and damaged hair use it to its full length, including the scalp.
  • – Rinse conditioner cool and not warm or hot water, to get shiny hair.
  • – Apply the conditioner to the hair directly before bathing, to protect them from aggressive chemicals in the pool.

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