Braids is an excellent way to add ease and grace to the wedding hairstyle, especially if you have long hair. Braided hairstyles are an interesting choice regardless of the occasion, which you make hair. You can refuse the use of tools for modeling, using high temperature. Look at these wedding hairstyles and choose the one that suits you.

BRAIDED WEDDING HAIRSTYLESBraids in the hair is one of the easiest and classical ways which helps the hair stand out without the help of many modeling tools. Basic skills and skills, plus a good imagination and creativity — this will help the hair stand out. Braids add glamour and elegance to the whole look. Regardless of, whether you decide to only add a few braids or think of something more modernized, a hairstyle should take into account if you desire to have delicate and at the same time, practical hairstyle.
Braided bundles is a good choice for those who like classic and elegant hairstyles. Style braids, as well as placement of cables might affect the style of your hair — for example, several fine laces, is placed on the hair, can help create a romantic image. Braids is an excellent alternative, if practical for you is an important aspect. With KOs, you can emphasize different facial features, but also to revitalize hair and give it a classical and refined charm.

Various styles can be used to create a variety of images, but it is worth noting that French braid is one of the easiest to create styles. You can also use shoelaces. To create a more sophisticated look, use the services of a hairdresser. Combine style braids with the style of the chosen hairstyle. Hard woven braids give the hairstyle a classic elegance. Braids are the best choice for those who prefer a minimalist style in the hair and complement it with accessories. These hairstyles can be worn not only on holidays but also on weekdays.

With a wide variety of styles of braids and weave various complexity, can create both a festive and formal hairstyle. Combining different styles is a great idea for those who are well versed in the art of weaving. Choosing festive or formal hairstyle, you should pay attention to the scythe, which will help the hair stand out. Braids will help to make the hair style is classically elegant and suitable for women of all ages. This style offers an endless variety of hairstyles. Experimenting with them you can find your style and pick the most suitable hairstyle.


Braided hairstyles for long hair takes a lot of time. Creation them seem quite unpleasant, but other varieties as to style hair no. Uncollected hairstyle is confused, to comb it after a busy day is problematic, however, and to go bareheaded all the time — vrednovati.

Braids are considered to be a real rescue for long haired beauties and elaborate haircuts from them constantly entice interest as male and female. On able to weave a worthy braids the rest of the women traditionally look with envy.

Braids for long hair

The hairstyle with elements of weaving in particular looks great when made for long hair. They are relevant at work, walks, visits, celebrations and even at the gym. Long shock did not mesh, and the hair does not get confused when they are neatly matched. If you approach the problem of weaving with a share of imagination, without the help of others to invent a non-standard hairstyle and pass the most prestigious woman among all your friends!

French braid

French braidEasy enough for long hair to braid a simple braid of 3 parts. However, it is not the original looks like, if it does not allow. Yes, and get bored quite quickly. But the desire of women to produce on the head something exciting and soon it is clear: every wants to look inimitable, create your own image.


Just lagging and looks cool French braid. It is possible to braid all the hair, and elementary to remove the bangs from the eyes, upleta the edge of the head — these hairstyles will be fine for the evening.

How to do a French braid (spikelet):


  • We split and divide the hair into 3 lobes.
  • The creation of hair done with the top of the head, at first, braid braided, traditional.
  • From one side of the head picked up an extra strand, and is attracted to the near extreme. On the left side to the left and to the right to the right.
  • On the other hand also extends an additional strand.
  • Braid braided to the end of the head.
  • Next, as you can leave the tail and continue to braid a braid of the 3 parts of the conventional method.


Hair from the French braid is not actually struggling, braided it, with proper skills (which are built up in 2-3 netting), very quickly. Looks neat and luxurious. This braid is able to update any look. Weave it from 2 sides, creating a unique new variants and combining with tails. If further embellish hair stylish hairpins, the option will be solemn.

The crown around the head

The crown around the headThe crown not simply looks gorgeous, it also helps to clean up long hair like even in the hot summer weather, the neck will not become hot. Is unsurpassed for daily wear at work in the office, trips, celebrations or romantic dates.


Evening options with this hairstyle, quite elementary to embellish the hair pins in the form of artificial colors. Time for this weave is quite insignificant, especially if you love to get hand.

How to braid a head with a crown of braids:

  • From the top to separate 1 part of hair according to the center of the head. Fix the rubber band in a ponytail. At the edges of the head need to leave the typical headband hair width of approximately 5 cm.
  • Next, you need to take a number of the strands of the “tipping” part of his left ear. And begin to braid from French braid them.
  • When woven braid on the upper lobe of the head, need to pick up the strands taken from a horse’s tail. When the lower part of the hair to take out of the rim.
  • Weaving plait, you need to put her on the edge of hair growth in the form of a wreath. To apply you will need all parts of the hair to virtually any unwanted strands.
  • The remaining tail of the braid should be locked into the hair and securely lock.

This hairstyle looks as if on the head of a braid, which has no beginning and no end. This unique option requires acquired skill, the first time can’t fail. But despite all this when the crown will, look she is gorgeous.

Large braids

Large braidsQuite a difficult type of hairstyle for those with long hair. It looks difficult: a large scythe like consists of several small braid, unusually among themselves intertwined.

To make a three-dimensional braid, you will need:

  • Well comb hair, to make sure there are no knots. Combed it all to the other side, which will spit trail.
  • Divide all the hair into 3 lobes, begin to weave, like a normal braid.
  • To release additional strands at the edges, the rest of the hair from one side of the lobe twist with a medium.
  • Continue to weave, every step of freeing the strands at the edges in the sequence. So will need to doblesti braid to the tips.
  • From the previously released strands start to weave French braid Vice versa.
  • To doblesti to the end. The hair at the ends 3-4 step braiding a traditional braid and fasten a rubber band.

Practice to weave better on someone, because to strengthen the liberated strands will be difficult, especially in the 1st times. To provide additional openwork size can be slightly fluff part of the spit. If not braided elastic, it will be easy enough to do.

Bulk braid looks not only challenging but also romantic. Long-haired women can weave it on a date or for events and celebrations. If you are not ready to weave for yourself a heavy but beautiful braid, ask a friend to assist.

A bunch of KOs

A bunch of KOsLook very bright, but at the same time, quite business-like, will help a bundle of braids for long hair. Is this hairstyle is very elementary, weave traditional. The main feature — the throwing out of braids through the head and create unusual hairstyles.

How to build a hair bundle from KOs:

  • Tie long hair into a high ponytail and divide into 2 lobes for 2-braids.
  • Weave 2 braids, try to weave from ear.
  • Loop the braid through the head and lock it.
  • The same repeat with the 2nd slash.

This option hairstyles with weave is suitable only to women who cut out the bangs. If with bangs that this hairstyle look will be much worse, should I choose another weave. But if the hair strands of the braid slightly to whisk, as if you were creating an openwork effect, and decorate with extra pins and have a good evening options.

Weave do not spend a lot of time, and reincarnate strict hairstyle romantic gala in 2 accounts. If after a long day of work you expect a corporate party, definitely take this option note! With the same hair style when you add accessories you will look very different.

A bunch of spit-harness

A bunch of spit-harnessOne of the simple, but cost-effective-looking varieties of hairstyles with weave — a braid in the form of a harness and the beam issued from it. In order to braid this braid, you will need:

  • Gather long hair in a ponytail. You can leave the strands at the edges of the head, order them lightly Curling irons.
  • Divide the tail into 2 shares.
  • Any part of the wring harness in medium density.
  • The resulting bundles to twist among themselves.
  • Fix an elastic band and additionally collapse to a unique beam.

This hairstyle adds charm and ability to exist from both the daily and the evening. Curled strands on the sides, you can go to a friend’s wedding look will be neat and solemn, not throwing excessive time in the eyes of a singular pretentiousness.

Looks great two braids-harness at the sides of the head. Them just to decorate, not a lot of fluffed up and giving them a filigree size. Look it will be unobtrusive and sublime.

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