This hairstyle is suitable for those whose hair is curly by nature. However, straight hair can create the same effect. Hair length should be at least shoulder length. If your hair is shorter these should be strengthened. With the help of large and medium-sized curlers create soft curls of different sizes.

With your fingers, divide the strands into individual strands for more delicate curls and gaining a more natural look hairstyle. Gather the hair up and fasten them there with pins and Bobby pins. Leave loose curls at the top. Later, they must be fixed to give her hair a cascade form. If you have bangs, it will give your hairstyle more beautiful.



You can take earrings, hair clips and simple veil tucked into the back. You can also close a veil and the face.



This hairstyle is primarily suitable for smooth and straight hair. If your hair is curly you need to straighten them with the help of smoothing means and Curling iron for styling. Girls with thin hair can enjoy this hair style will suit them perfectly. To obtain the volume of the upper part of the hair you can use Curling iron or a regular brush of hair.

Curl the hair using large curlers to give it volume and smoothness, if the hair is curly from nature. Collect them in a high pony-tail and smooth elegant and smooth chignon. Select individual curls. To finish, the rest of the hair swing back and hold with Bobby pins and hairpins.



You can attach to the hair veil as decoration. Also, add a beautiful stud to separate the individual curls. Or post in the hair comb or put on your head the diadem.



Many brides do not want to do challenging hair and want their hair quietly fell on the shoulders. These ladies would like a relaxed Bohemian style and hairstyles which he represents. Regardless, you have straight hair or wavy, you will suit this hairstyle. However, it is worth remembering that the hair must be long enough.

You can also increase the hair for extra length or volume. If you have straight hair, curl with Curling iron large curls and secure them using styling tools. Create sufficient, necesas hair. The top layer of hair smooth, while the lower needs remain large enough. Safesite hair back, not allowing them to fall on the face. Leave a few curls that will curl on the sides. Secure them with Bobby pins.



For an elegant touch to add to your Spanish hair comb decorated with crystals. Place it in the hair at an angle that corresponds to the selected a more relaxed hairstyle. To this hairstyle is also suitable for a pendant with a crystal or a necklace and a dress with V-neck.


HAIRSTYLE FOR WEDDING "ABSOLUTE GLAMOUR"The key of this unique hairstyle is a great hair volume in the back. This is not a traditional hairpiece, because it is getting bigger from ear, across the back and to the other ear. If your hair is voluminous enough, you should comb them or ask your stylist to create the desired volume. If your hair is curly by nature, they can be straightened with forceps. The key of this unique hairstyle is a great hair volume in the back. This is not a traditional hairpiece, because it is getting bigger from ear, across the back and to the other ear.

If your hair is voluminous enough, you should comb them or ask your stylist to create the desired volume. If your hair is curly by nature, they can be straightened with forceps. Wash your hair the day before, so your hairdresser is easier to work with them. Take care of the hair volume primarily in the back where it is really needed. Divide the hair into strands and braid them together, somewhere at the level of 2/3 of their length. Secure the twisted locks below the neck. Next, use the twisting and with his help create voluminous curls in the back. Loose and soft shape complete the front of this hairstyle.


So, when my hair is done. Remains only suitable to decorate it with beautiful pins.



This hairstyle involves the smooth and straight hair. But if you have wavy hair, you can also go for this hairstyle. Necesite hair throughout their length to give them the volume needed for this hairstyle. Then necesite the top layer of hair and comb with fine teeth. After smooth hair and tuck them. Twist hair and secure them with Bobby pins and hairpins.

Secure the hair wrap which will keep your hair from falling of hair on face. Also the wrap will help to enhance the beauty of hairstyle. If you have very short bangs, it is recommended to comb it to the side, as did Audrey Hepburn. Classic elements for this hairstyle are accessories pearl jewelry with crystals.

Don’t forget that for this hairstyle, you will need sufficient volume, so to make it better or hair of medium length or very long hair.





Many girls already practically live with a tail, because it is easy and convenient. You can take the tail of the basis of your wedding hairstyle. Moreover, it is easy to turn from casual and boring hairstyle into an elegant and solemn.

Style your hair using Curling iron for hair styling and special products, such as lotion or gel. Then comb the hair to separate strands formed into large curls. Then necesite hair at the crown to add volume. If you have short bangs, let her cover the forehead.



To complete your hair, make a ponytail at the nape, and secure hair with Bobby pins and hairpins. Also this hairstyle can pick up jewelry with crystals and pearls.



If the bride dreams of a romantic, fairy-tale or traditional wedding, she should pay attention to this hair, as it is a good complement to classic dresses and accessories. This hairstyle is suitable for girls, hair which tend to curl. However, with the forceps the same effect, the effect can be created on straight hair.



Create different size curls with Curling iron. Use your fingers to separate some strands in order to obtain even finer curls. Gather your hair up, leaving loose curls. Secure. The free ends of the lock that the hair was a cascade.

Accessories with pearls:

If you wear a veil, you can secure it with Bobby pins with pearls. Also as a decoration suitable pearl necklace or earrings.



This is a great option for those who want to choose a hairstyle specifically for the occasion, but feel as casual as any other day. Allow the hair to fall freely on the shoulders, as you do on other days. But complete the style with curls, which often have no place in everyday life. Even if your hair does not differ by density, using Curling iron for styling, you can easily replicate this hair.

If you have wavy or curly hair, you may want to straighten them for the day before the wedding. Avoid washing your hair the next morning, they should be in curls and beautiful lie. Divide your hair into separate sections and spray them a lotion for styling hair. Each lock screw on the forceps. Then spray each curl with hairspray, which will give strands Shine.



Barrette or two will be a good addition to your wedding hairstyle. You can place them on the sides so as not to disturb the curls falling down freely, giving the hair a natural.

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