диффузор для волос


Many of the fair sex, having a diffuser, never use it. The reason is simple – they do not know how to use it properly, or else considered useless accessory, sold as unnecessary additions to the hair dryer. Despite the fact that the girl with beautiful curls on television to explain in detail what the diffuser, and how to use it properly, most women forget about it as soon as possible. And in vain, because, thanks to the diffuser, you can style your hair, to give them the desired shape or volume.

Standard hairdryers “radiate” a strong stream of hot air, so they are not suitable for women with curly or wavy curls who want to avoid excessive “fluffy” hair.

Using a diffuser for hair is not much different from the dryer, worn on the head, as we know it from the hairdresser, since diffusers dried hair slowly, with a gentle stream of air and lower temperatures. Therefore, they are ideal for women who have the problem of unruly hair or those who just want to look their curls to perfect. However, diffusers often choose many women with straight hair, to avoid hair rastrёpannosti and raise them.

What types of diffusers are there?

The diffuser is a cup-shaped nozzle, which is often sold in a set with a hairdryer, as a supplement. On the inside of the cup are the plastic sticks that allow the hair during hair drying okruchivaet around them. Over the years, this type was the only available type of diffuser. Since 2009, however, the market has blossomed with new advanced diffusers. One of them is shaped like a human hand, the other – a cone shape, wherein the plastic rod has spiral forming curls.

Diffuser nozzles vary in price, and are suitable for most standard dryers.

Hair Dryer diffuser

Hair Dryer diffuser

If you want to dry your hair diffuser, start with a nozzle application to the hair roots; hair dryer turn on the lowest setting. Roots at the dry end of the process. When drying the hair to screw the diffuser sticks, making sure that they cheat in the same direction. In order to achieve greater volume and lift hair on the top of the head, tilt your head down and blow dry with a diffuser already dry hair by directing air flow to the scalp.

Choose a diffuser for drying the hair and make hair stylingTo make the hair on the diffuser

Women love to change something. The reason for this can serve as a new love, changing jobs, good humor — but always a woman strives to be different. Change to using the new make-up or wardrobe, and hairstyle. Of course, can be finished hairdresser’s courses and become a professional, to delight themselves and their friends. But some possible techniques to learn.

If your hair is medium length or longer, changing the image should not be a big problem for you. You can use the irons to smooth the hair, so the hair was smoother and seemed more long. And unable to suffer one night in curlers, and the next day to enjoy their persistent kudryashka.

We will tell you as the owner of natural curls can make the styling by using a diffuser.

You will need: a Hairdryer with a special nozzle diffuser, hairspray and mousse for curls. Laying doing this on wet hair. To facilitate styling, divide the hair into strands. Take a small amount of mousse and apply on the lower part of the hair. After applying the foam to hair, you should go to the dryer.

Dry hair better with lowered head, the better to raise them at the roots. Your hair should be on the diffuser in position, perpendicular to the floor. After drying the hair, secure the hair lacquer, separate the curls and lightly rastrapati them. All ready hairstyle.

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